Where Not to Walk in Cambridge: Violations Issued After December Snow Storm

Where Not to Walk in Cambridge: Violations Issued After December Snow Storm

  • Posted on: 14 January 2011
  • By: stannenb

In response to a Public Records Request, the Cambridge Department of Public Works released to me a file of all violations issued by the City for uncleared sidewalks subsequent to the storm of late December. Those violations are mapped below. Another request will be made for similar date for this week's storm.

The list of violations can be seen and commented on here.

Thanks to Commissioner Peterson and the DPW for their prompt response to this request during a week that kept them quite busy.

Updated January 15th 1:45 PM to use Google Fusion Tables and provide link to underlying data.


wow, that is really interesting! Thanks for doing this, it's kinda the "walk of shame, isn't it?

This is fantastic! Thank you so much, Stan, for doing this.

The sad part is that you have to do it: The DPW should be doing this.

Every time it snows the sidewalks all around Central Square are an uncleared snowy, icy treacherous mess. I live in Central Square and work in Boston, and so I see every day that the sidewalks in Boston are cleared quickly and thoroughly. The sidewalks around Central Square are cleared late and inadequately - if at all. However many reported violations there may be on this map - they are not nearly enough to show the actual number of violations around Central Square alone.

I e-mailed the Cambridge mayor's office to complain about the uncleared sidewalks, and they sent me a link to use to report them. However, when I tried to use it, I got a lengthy server error message - which I sent to the mayor's office. I have never received any word that this has been resolved.

I understand that icy sidewalks can be quite horrible. But, the streets are a mess. The storms are piling on the snow. Mass ave is a snow emergency route. By definition, during an emergency, there are no parked cars on the street. Why then, is there an unplowed section all along the side that is making Mass ave narrower. Also, along oxford street. Because they don't plow well, they get to put "No parking" signs? Go and plow them!