• Posted on: 9 January 2011
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Photo of Raphael Holoman-Franklin: thief, liar, fraud, and my accuser of RAPE.

To members of the Gay Men's Domestic Violence project: you serve a good cause, and have helped genuine victims of domestic violence in the gay community. That is a fact. But it is also fact that you have, through blind allegiance to your cause, assisted a non-victim in creating a real one: me. You represent Raphael Holoman-Franklin, a former housemate of two months, in 2008, who came to you recently, told you that he had been in an "8 year domestic relationship" with me at my Cambridge address of 21 years, and that I raped him. I can understand that genuine rape victims sometimes have no proof of rape, but no proof for an 8 year relationship? Nothing to show for it and no request from you for anything relative to it?

Holoman-Franklin is a multi-state scam artist and thief, with a long history of it. His rape charge was retaliation for web blogs that expose his criminal history and warn others. Because his crimes are largely "civil matters", victims (whom he chooses carefully) must fend for themselves and most can't, or, if affiliated with religious institutions, won't. A judge vacated a retraining order that you helped this fraud obtain against me, but I now have a non-criminal record that future employers and others may see, a record that could affect my life negatively, because a rape charge, in and of itself, was made.

Lists of theft victims of this man and others who are aware of what he is are posted on our blogs. It states their names and gives in varying instances, their physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, or fax numbers. Some are local, like Trinity Church in Boston. These are real victims of Raphael Holoman-Franklin, yet you couldn't bother to contact any of them. Doing so would reveal his true motive for the rape claim. Some of our blog posts are from early 2009 - posted over a YEAR before Holoman-Franklin told you that our non-existent relationship ended in Sept., 2010. The dates of posting cannot be altered. WHY would I have made such posts, telling people of his scams and asking for his whereabouts, over a YEAR BEFORE HE "FLED OUR HOME IN TERROR" IN SEPT. OF 2010? WHY?

You have assisted a thief and fraud, who has hurt many, in hurting one more. You have allowed your quest for justice to bring me to injustice. You have ignored glaring omissions or contradictions in Holoman-Franklin's claims so that you could add another "victory" to your book. When I came to court re: the restraining order, I hadn't a clue as to the basis for it. I had no way to prepare myself against unknown specific charges. I am obtaining documents now that will clearly show that Holoman-Franklin lived elsewhere during the period of our "violent relationship" and that he's a career criminal, the exposure of which was his motive in crying "rape". A record exists because a thief, fraud and liar lied, and because the Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project blindly took his story as truth. Giving alleged rape victims benefit of doubt DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU FROM VERIFYING ANYTHING THAT SAID VICTIMS SAY! This man cried "witch" and you acted accordingly. "It must be true because he SAID it was true" is your mantra. I'd love to see all of you on the receiving end of this. Shall I, without a shred of proof, go to a different domestic violence support group accuse one of you of raping me in the context of a fake 8 year domestic relationship and drag you into court?

I have lived at my address with my partner Joe Stein for 21 years. The lease has been in my partners name for 21 years. We have had many housemates in that span of time, and now have one named Rob who moved in in the spring of 2010. Yet Holoman-Franklin told you that he fled "our" home in Sept. of 2010, after being "with me" for eight years!! What is wrong with you people? Holoman-Franklin doesn't know what "truth" is, but I hope that someone at the Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project eventually wakes up and does, and will act accordingly. Defending a man who uses a false rape claim as retaliation against another is hardly something I know you would be proud of, nor is it something that you should just shrug off as a "mistake" when you come to know Holoman-Fraud for what he is. I AM A VICTIM OF A FAKE RAPE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGE MADE BY RAPHAEL HOLOMAN-FRANKLIN, WHOM THE GAY MEN'S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROJECT CHEERFULLY "HUGS" AND SUPPORTS, WITH NOT ONE IOTA OF PROOF REQUESTED BY THEM REGARDING ANYTHING.

Hans Jaegerstatter
29 Essex St., #2
Cambridge, MA


I'd be very curious to hear the response.

Of course you would, Raphael.