Cambridge's Hasson Rashid of CCTV Give Impromptu Testimony at Housing and Rent Control Public Hearing (1/17/20)!

Cambridge's Hasson Rashid of CCTV Give Impromptu Testimony at Housing and Rent Control Public Hearing (1/17/20)!

Hundreds of Tenants and Advocates Flooded a State House Hearing Room to Support the Slate of 26 Bills!

  • Posted on: 17 January 2020

The Massachusetts Joint Legislative Committee on Housing on January 14, 2020 was scheduled to hold a public hearing in the Gardner Auditorium, for the purpose of collecting testimonies from the public at large, in regards to a slate of 26 Bills, about "Housing and Rent Control." At the last minuets before the public hearing took place, a location change was made to rooms A1 and A2. The hearings begin at about 10:30 a.m. Supporters calling for the return of rent control made their voices heard at the State House all day Tuesday. A proposed slate of legislative Bills (26), if enacted could allow for rent control. Massachusetts hasn’t had rent control since the mid-90s. The Joint Committee on Housing has until Feb. 5 to determine the next steps for the bills. Hundreds of tenants and advocates flooded a State House hearing room to support the slate of 26 bills that would strengthen protections for renters at risk of losing their homes amid a mounting housing crunch. A rally took place outside the State House at Noon.

Later on in the late afternoon. I gave brief testimony in favor and suppor of the complete slate of bills,especially Rent Control ( H.3924). For the benefit of the readers, I have included a copy of the testimony that I gave that afternoon.It is as follows:

Peace Be Unto You,
Hello everybody, I’m Hasson Rashid, I reside in Cambridge, MA. As a concerned citizen. I’m here today exercising my right as a non-partisan citizen to offer testimony in support of H.3924 (An Act Enabling Local Options for Tenant Protections),equal support for the remaining 24 slated Bills. Negative influences in the environment have brought us to the low point of homelessness in our human existence. Today something powerful is working here at state house that will hopefully contribute to the climate for tenant protections, ending homelessness, human right to housing, affordable housing for all, etc. Hopefully, what happens here today is grounded in racial equity justice, and equality for all people, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity? Thank you.

Hasson Rashid
Cambridge, MA