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TV Highlights Dec 23 - Dec 29

TV Highlights Dec 23 - Dec 29

What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week.

  • Posted on: 23 December 2019
  • By: Alfonso

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Channel 8

Holiday Greetings 2019, CCTV staff, members, and Cambridge residents sends you a warm Happy Holiday greeting! Produced by Wayne Robinson.
5 PM on Monday 12/23 and Tuesday 12/24
11:05 AM on Wednesday 12/25
7:05 PM on Sunday 12/29

Cambridge Dyslexia Diaries Part 2: Nathan Brophy, CRLS Student Nathan Brophy shares his experiences learning with dyslexia and offers recommendations for supporting students like him.Produced by Mercedes Soto.
11:45 AM on Monday 12/23
6:40 PM on Wednesday 12/25
12:30 PM on Thursday 12/26
4:35 PM on Friday 12/7
7:20 PM on Sunday 12/29

Who Knows, Cambridge? is a Cambridge trivia game show produced at CCTV! Produced by Peter Levine.
12:10 PM on Tuesday 12/24
11 PM on Wednesday 12/25
5 PM on Friday 12/27

Horizons #8 The Human Genomic Revolution: Past, Present, and Future, over 15 years ago, the scientific community celebrated the sequencing of the first human genome. It’s time to ask how this monumental effort has transformed biomedical science, from basic research to the understanding and treatment of disease. Eric Lander, Broad Institute president and founding director and one of the principal leaders of the Human Genome Project, will survey the impact — what we’ve learned, and what lies ahead. Produced by CCTV.
5:05 PM on Tuesday 12/24
5 PM on Wednesday 12/25 and Thursday 12/26

A History of the Inner Belt, The Plan for the Inner Belt Highway along Brookline Street: How the LBJ Apartments Blocked the Highway from Being Built. Hosted by the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association (CNA) on November 14, 2019 at LBJ Apartments. Filmed by Avery Dwyer. Produced by CCTV.
11 AM on Thursday 12/26
4 PM on Sunday 12/29

MA Secretary of State Bill Galvin Discusses the 2020 Census, MA Secretary of State Bill Galvin discusses the 2020 census. Produced by CCTV.
5:05 PM on Monday 12/23
11 AM on Tuesday 12/24
10:05 PM on Friday 12/27
10 PM on Sunday 12/29

MA House of Representatives Formal Session - November 20th, 2019, the House convened for a final formal session of this year, working in conjunction with the Senate to enact several bills, addressing child wellness, distracted driving, campaign finance, public education and flavored vaping and tobacco products. Produced by the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
6:10 PM on Monday 12/23

MA Joint Committee on Public Health - December 3rd, 2019, the MA Joint Committee on Public Health met for public testimony on two bills related to vaccines: H.3999, an act relative to vaccinations and public health, and H.4096/S.2359, an act promoting community immunity. Produced by the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
Part 1: 6:35 PM on Tuesday 12/24
Part 2: 11:10 AM on Wednesday 12/25
Part 3: 6:30 PM on Thursday 12/26
Part 4: 11:05 AM on Friday 12/27

CCTV Weekend Marathon
Tune in on Channel 9 for the Weekend Marathon and watch our Holiday themed programming!
Friday 12/27 from 6-9 PM, Saturday 12/28 from 12 PM - Midnight
& Sunday 12/29 from 12-4 PM.

Boston Rock Opera's Happening Holiday Special, it's Christmas Eve and reclusive rock star, Mick Mondo, is sitting alone in his hotel suite reminiscing about the old days, convinced that his friends, former fans, and band mates have forgotten him. He is visited by, Solstina, a Goddess/ GoodWitch who acts as his muse and theatrical stage manager, bringing friends old and new to see Mondo. Produced by Kristina Kehrer.
6:05 PM on Friday 12/27

Teaching About Kwanzaa, produced by De Ama Battle.
6:10 PM on Saturday 12/28

New Year's Eve 2014 Trivia Spectacular, hosts Alan Verly and Christina Davis visit Harvard Square and Central Square on New Year's Eve 2014 to interview people out on the street and ask them funny, outrageous, and spectacular fake questions about the past year. Produced by Alan Verly.
12 PM on Sunday 12/29

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