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What Is Politics: Is It All About Money?

What Is Politics: Is It All About Money?

Criteria for a new president or political leader is who raises the biggest money. The rich donors are the ones they listen to when elected.

  • Posted on: 2 December 2019
  • By: ucheikpa

What Is Politics: Is It All About Money?

Criteria for a new president or political leader is who raises the biggest money. The rich donors are the ones they listen to when elected.

It is shocking that political leadership that poses a threat to the downfall of a nation often times are chosen without wisdom and vision. Who leads America in 2020? The one who raises the biggest money, and those who support such leaders invest millions of dollars to support the candidate. When he or she gets the presidency or political leadership, he ends up doing what their financial supporters or donors want, not the needs of the nation.

Every new political leadership, you see no change when the leader steps down in the nation. He or she enriches the ones who set them up financially. It is party-politics and business, not to enhance and move the nation forward towards their destiny and goal.

Politicians campaign and promise heaven and earth, only to lie to the nation. They step down, the situation of the people remain thesame, and no change is made. How can someone rule who can’t rule themselves, or understand anything about leadership? Do you think someone who don’t understand anything about leadership can rule the nation? Just because they have money is irrelevant in leadership. Leadership is a grave and crucial challenge in life.

What does leadership involve?

1 Leadership involves humility, not arrogance:

The leader must be able to listen to the people who elected him or her, not exalt himself above the people and feel he is superior to them. Arrogant kings, political leaders, spiritual, corporate have destroyed many nations of the world and brought it down. Sometimes, they begin to behave like they are God.

King Nebuchadnezzar was so powerful and eventful, that he began to see himself as God. He had conquered many kingdoms, built historic events that even lasted till modern times. He built an idol for his people to worship, and if any fails to worship the idol, they will be killed. Jewish exile: Meshack, Shadrach and Abednego refused to worship his idle. He was so furious that he threw them into the furnace of fire heated 7 times. The people who threw them into the furnace of fire were instantly killed because of the intensity of the fire. But God stepped in and the fire did not consume them.

King Nebuchadnezzar was puzzled, shocked and said:
“Did I not put three men, now I see four.”

It was God reminding him He was God in control, not him. His arrogance will finally lead him to where he was driven away from his kingdom, as he boasted of the kingdom he built. He finally humbled himself.

“Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, will praise, honor, and give glory to the King of Heaven. Everything he does is true, his ways are right, and he can humiliate those who act ... are truth, and His ways justice; and those that walk in pride He is able to abase. " .... Daniel 4:37

This was a headen, arrogant king humiliated. The leader must learn to be humble and realize you are there in that position to serve the people and glorify God, and that is where your legacy lies. A song writer reminded us:

“Fading away like the stars of the morning
Losing their light in the glorious day
Thus we would pass from this earth and its toiling
Only remembered by what we have done.”

As the disciples of Jesus fought each other who will be the greatest. Jesus warned them, and laid the foundation for leadership:

“Whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister. And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant. Even as the son of man came not to be ministered unto, but gave His life a ransom to many.”

Leadership is humility, service and sacrifice. It is not a place for many, but only those destined for it: but you see many striving ambitiously for it, only to enrich themselves. Again and again, great leaders have emphasized the truth about Jesus teaching: that humility, service, is the core of leadership.

Oswald Sanders: author of Spiritual Leadership quoted what Wolsey said to the great English general:

“Cromwell, I charge thee fling away ambition. For that sin fell the angels. How can a man then the image of his maker profit by it”

Leadership is not the place for those ambitious men and women who want to exhibit their intellectual acumen, love for money and power, sexual intimidation, but a place of service and humility.

Oswald Sanders, author of Spiritual Leadership. said:

“True greatness, true leadership is found in giving yourself in service to others, not in coercing others to serve you. True service is never without a cost. Often it comes with a painful baptism of suffering.”

Another great leader said this; Samuel Brengle, Great Salvation Army Revival Preacher:

“The final estimate of men shows history cares not an iota for the rank or title a man has borne, of the office he held, but only the quality of his deeds, and the character of his mind and heart.”

Humility is a great asset in true leadership that seeks to exalt and glorify God, and help the people and nation.

2 Leadership involves Vision, Wisdom, Sacrifice & Compassion:

Sometimes, we fail to understand that events that shape the world have already been predicted by God in His word. Humans are following events that have been shaping the world.

For example, the word of God says:

“Kingdoms will rise and fall until God comes to set His everlasting kingdom.”

Have we not seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms in the history of the world? African kingdoms, Persia, Babylonian empire, Judah, Greek, Roman, British, Russia. The word of God is what creates faith when we believe it. Faith in God’s word is vision that humans must follow and obey.

“Without vision, the people perish”

“The word of God reveals the pathway humans must follow and obey. This gives insight and understating of intricacies of life, complexities, and its complications. The word of God creates not only vision and insight, but also wisdom to avoid sin and wickedness that destroyed these empires as a leader. Wisdom and understanding help the leader to rule and understand how to help his or her people. It also helps the leader to avoid lies and wickedness. The leader will never have vision or wisdom if self-willed, arrogant, and immoral.
Events that will precede the end of this age, our destinies are shaped already, etc. Only those who listen to God’s commands and their conscience can fulfill their vision and destiny in life.

Again, the Scripture says:

“Where the people have no vision, they perish.”

The leader must be a man or a woman of vision to understand, have insight to events shaping the world, which God has already predicted must happen. Many do not know what we are witnessing is the fall of American empire which is very sad to think about. China is already ruling the world. Few years back, a writer wrote: “When China Rules the World.” Some leaders all they care about is money, not realizing we are on the verge of Nuclear Third World War; we are drawing closer to the end of the age.

People argue about climate change. These are already written in the Scriptures: that at the end of the age, heavens will be shaken, stars and moon will fall. Climate is already threatening human life. But many leaders are still arguing about it: very ignorant. It takes God’s wisdom to comprehend these things. And what is wisdom? Wisdom is the fear of God, and to depart from evil. A leader must abide by the principles of God, and not be immoral. Many will emulate what the leader does, and it affects the children and the nation. The people think what the leader does is best and they emulate the leader. So if the leader is not living morally truthful, many will think since he or she is a leader, it does not matter. In that way, the leader misleads the people, and brings the fall of the empire or nation.

Wisdom is so relevant in leadership. A leader without wisdom spells grave danger for the people he or she rules. He or she makes decision out of self will, not of truth, justice, and compassion. Wisdom is to have insight, understanding, and the nature of truth that gives freedom. Lies will lead to destruction and failure of leadership: wisdom helps you to understand leadership is service to others: and help them reach their goal in life. It helps you understand leadership is heavy accountability that can destroy or lift the people up, or crumble them.

I grew up in a home where family members where extremely educated, and leaders of the nation. My Uncle O. U. Ikpa was one of Nigerian top ambassadors. He gave scholarships to people, helped people reach their goals, not only family members, but the people he served. He wanted everyone to be educated. He loved education. My father and mother gave their all to the village and the people he served. He was deeply loved. When he died tragically, the people wept, they did not go to work or farm.

I grew up realizing leadership is service, not selfish and greedy thing: it is heavy and deep commitment. But today, you see people who enrich themselves, friends and families as leaders. All they think about is money. It is a sad comedy that is destroying nations of the world, and creating oppressive regimes where people assume money is everything.

I saw my parents in leadership position poured their lives sacrificially to others- very compassionate, and will give everything they have. I took their blood and have sought to rise and do what they did which imparted me in a profound way. All I want to do is change my world with my talents.

3 The challenge of leadership is grave in this turbulent and chaotic times we live in.

There is oppressive regimes spreading across nations of the world. What is creating refugee crises? It is oppressive regimes of political leaders who see nothing but money and power as leaders. They abuse power and steal money, and forget they are in leadership position to enrich the nation. When the people complain, they are slaughtered and silenced. Then people flee to other nations for freedom. Western nations also exploit the natural resources of Third World Nations, and collaborate with corrupt leaders, do regime change and create wars. People flee their homes for better life.

But where is better today? No where! It is leadership crises everywhere: America, Britain, France, Russia, Central America, Africa, China, Middle East, etc. People think money, power, sex is everything. No morality, no godliness, no wisdom! It is all about money. Good leadership will avert Nuclear World War, bring back peace to nations of the world, will unite, bring people together again to love one another, not war with each other.

4 American next leader must tackle these things, or is a failure of leadership if he or she doesn’t:

• Healthcare
• Immigration
• Gun control
• Economic inequality
• Climate change

1 Healthcare:

Those who boast about their billionaire and millionaire status, close your eyes and imagine not having healthcare! It is not a privilege, but a right. If you don’t, you will die. All Western industrial nations have healthcare for their own people – everybody except America. How can Obamacare that helped millions of people be dismantled? Something that helped the poor! God says:

Those who oppress the poor insult their maker, but helping the poor honors him.” Pro14:31

News Agencies write”

“It is shocking a number of Americans know someone who
died because they could not afford healthcare.”

“The high costs of health care system are killing people, a new survey says.”

Not long ago, an older couple killed themselves because they did not have healthcare. The rich donors are already avoiding Elizabeth Warren because she wants to give Medicare to all. But all these rich donors and Wall Street see is their profit and money, not people suffering and dying. Many are migrating to Canada because of the expensive nature of healthcare in US.

Put yourself in the shoes of others and feel what it would be like if you don’t have healthcare? Greed and love for money dominate American politics. If Medicare for all will solve the need of the nation, why not adopt it? Someday, you will die and you will not take anything away. “Naked we came, naked we will die.” You are nothing and you don’t own anything. God can take anything He gave you: your riches away any moment.

If you are elected as a president, and you don’t tackle healthcare problem, you have failed as a president.

2 Immigration:

This is one of the rare crises destroying the nation. Would be presidents campaign and promise everything when it comes to immigration. They lie and know they won’t do anything. This is the most sensitive issues of the day. These illegal immigrants generate billions of dollars to American economy, but the politicians have failed to do comprehensive immigration reform that would enable these people become citizens. Many have lived here many years of their lives. Even thinking of cancelling DACA, with children who have lived here all their lives, and don’t know their parent’s home are to be deported. This is inhumane. They work here, they grew up here; they don’t know anywhere else to go. If you deport them, they will die. What if they are your children?

Says Sonia Sotomayer, Justice of the Supreme Court:

“Trump to end DACA a choice to destroy lives.”

Where is human compassion in those who call themselves political leaders? Jesus said: “The law is meant for man, not man for the law.” As the Pharisees made noise about plucking ears of coin as breaking the law on the Sabbath day, Jesus denounced them as hypocrites. You are using these people to make billions of dollars, and you can’t help them. Political campaigners often use it as a powerful plat- form to get votes because they know it is a crucial and sensitive issue for many.

Unfortunately, inability to solve this problem will cause American economy a huge downfall. Who is doing the farming? Who is doing the construction work? Who is taking care of American elderly and children? Immigrants fill American hospitals. If you are the next president and you fail to do comprehensive immigration reform, you have failed as a president. These things have nothing to do with money, but sensitivity and compassion. These things make life worth living and joyful.

3 Gun control:

Guns kill thousands of Americans every year: mass killing, suicides, etc. Every moment and again, there is mass killing and someone gets killed. The one that disturbs me a lot is Chicago. By this time-end of year, thousands die in Chicago. No political leader cares about Chicago situation. That has amazed me deeply considering those wealthy politicians: especially black politicians and rich black individuals from Chicago can take the guns away from them and create jobs for them.

I keep wishing I could do that: take the guns and create jobs for every black there. It deeply borders me see children and elderly murdered by guns yearly. Who gives them these guns? NRA funds many politicians. So when gun control comes up in Congress, it is squashed and destroyed because whoever funds your campaign-heavy donors, you end up obeying them as a political leader. This is the evil nature of money in politics. This is why nothing is done in Congress. This is why there is so much politics of lies. Politicians do the will of those who funded their campaign, not the will of the people. That is why there is no gun control, and nothing is done in Congress.

But unfortunately, no one is immune to gun violence. Anybody can be a target for gun violence. Everybody is at risk. America has been dubbed by “Time” as the most violent nation in the world. It is guns and guns and guns. Every day, someone is killed by gun violence. It doesn’t stop. It is one of the greatest American problem facing the nation. It is a great challenge for the next leader or president.

If you step in as a president, and you failed to do gun control, you have failed in your presidency.

4 Economic inequality:

In a country that boasts of millionaires and billionaires, you have so much homeless people. You see people boasting and bragging about their billionaire and millionaire status. That makes me very unhappy and sad.

In San Francisco with many millionaires in the country, it has the greatest number of homelessness. New York Times wrote once of how this rich millionaire and his wife complained about the homeless people bordering them. I wrote to New York Times to forward my email to this rich couple. I said to them:

“God gave you that money to help the poor. This could be your legacy when you are gone: helping those beggars lift their lives up.” That was what I wrote.

Statistics reports that 39.7 lives in poverty in US.

Inequality in America: Washington Times reports this:

“The well-to-do and upper classes make the elite neighborhoods and downtowns boom with activity, while the middle and working classes across the country keep getting squeezed,” said Richard Longworth, a distinguished fellow on global cities at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs.

The rich are getting richer, the poor poorer. Extinction is threatening the poor, even housing they can’t afford anymore. These are deep problems the next president will consider how to bridge this gap dividing Americans in a profound way. Failure to do so, you have failed as a president to rule.

5 Climate Change:

It is puzzling to hear arguments on climate change. You don’t need to argue if you have vision or understanding as a leader to see the climate is changing; the sea is rising at a higher level causing destruction and flooding; the weather sometimes is extremely cold; and sometimes extremely warm causing human catastrophe.

These are already predicted in the Scriptures. As we come close to the end of the age at the coming of Jesus, stars and moon will fall; heavens will be shaken, and the world will be gone. It is lack of wisdom to disbelieve climate change when all the signs are around us now. This is not politics, but to find solutions to combat it.

This is one grave area the leader must combat drastically affecting farmers. Failure to do this as the next president will be devastating in the future. We might not have food to eat anymore in the future: oceans and sea rising will erode and crumble homes.

Wise, humble, and compassionate leader will avert Nuclear World War looming. That leader must love peace and love others, regardless of race, color or otherwise. That leader must have understanding, insight and vision to avert these looming catastrophes; unite people to live in peace, not war as God ordained it; change the system rendering many people homeless and suicidal; creating inequality rising at alarming rate; help the people to reach their goals in life: spiritual, political, intellectual, financial, etc. These are the characters and qualities the leader will be remembered when he or she is gone.

Rev. Uche Ikpa.


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