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The Crucial Nature of Thanksgiving

The Crucial Nature of Thanksgiving

Life is beautiful and joyful when we learn to appreciate what God does for us and others, and say thanks and be grateful.

  • Posted on: 27 November 2019
  • By: ucheikpa

The Crucial Nature of Thanksgiving

Life is beautiful and joyful when we learn to appreciate what God does for us and others, and say thanks and be grateful.

Jesus told the story of 10 lepers healed and cleansed, at a time when being a leper, you have to ring a bell to warn others you were coming. It was and still a contagious disease. So people fled from the leper, and they were ostracized. Only one leper healed came back to say thanks.

This story demonstrates how God values thanksgiving: the need to be grateful for what God has done for us, and others. Don’t take things for granted and think you can do anything you want, and boast about who you are. You can’t do and be anything without others. Somehow, the help of God and others come into play in your life.

• Salvation:

Look at Jesus dying on the cross that humanity be redeemed from the power and grip of sin. Every genuine believer was once living in sin before they were delivered from the grip of sin: that sin could be stealing, lying, adultery, fornication, drug and sexual addiction, etc. But because Jesus died on the cross to set humanity free through the power of His blood, then those who believed were saved and redeemed from sin. They were given the power of the Holy Spirit to keep the believer above sin.

• Salvation brings peace and eternal life.

When you accept Jesus as Savior, you sins are forgiven and you have peace. Do you know and understand the power of sin that destroys? The one who commits sin has no peace, regardless of your fame and fortune. You won’t be able to sleep; you live in fear of being caught in your sin; you have no power to overcome it, and that can lead to mental issues.

The Scripture says:

“There is no peace for the wicked; They are like the troubled sea that cast out mire and dirt. There is no peace for the wicked said the Lord to the wicked.”

But when you know Jesus as Savior, your sins are blotted out, no matter what they are, or whatever you have done, you will be forgiven. This is why Jesus died to give us peace. Not only peace and restoration, but eternal life. That at the end of our life or journey here on earth, we go to live with Jesus forever. That is the greatest achievement in life.

• The riches of God’s grace:

The riches of God’s grace abound for those who believe in Him. Life is filled with struggles and trials. Whether you are rich or poor, you will have struggles and problems in life. Sometimes, they are overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes, you see yourself dying when you don’t want to die; sometimes you are so sick, the doctors will say you have few months to live; sometimes, you have no money to eat of pay your rent; no job, etc. Sometimes, you are abandoned by friends and families, on the brink of homelessness.

But when you call on the Lord, He comes to your rescue as you trust Him: He heals, forgives, provides your needs miraculously, and you are so grateful. You say Lord thank you so much. You don’t deserve anything.

In our prayer meeting, one of the members sent out a prayer request on November 24, telling everyone to pray for her. She was in the hospital with a stomach obstruction that will need surgery. She said we should pray for the Lord to open up her bowel so they will be no surgery. We began to pray for her- I mean intensive prayer of faith. The Scripture says:

“The fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much before God.”

On the 25th of November, she sent this note to everyone:

“Sisters, God answered. They are discharging me. In about an hour, I will be home. Totally, totally well.” No more pain, no more obstruction.”

We were all shocked and moved by the power of prayer that reached out to God, and He quickly answered. The quickness of the answered prayer was amazing and powerful. She could die. or situations could become complicated. These are the riches of God that those who believe and non - believers receive: God’s mercy, compassion, and God’s grace.. An outpouring of thanksgiving went back to God for His glory. This testimony encouraged her and all of us about the riches of God’s grace that we enjoy.

On August 15, I was suppose to shoot my movie trailer, and the guy I hired abandoned me few hours to the shooting. Actors were waiting and getting ready for the shoot. I looked up to heaven and cried out and told God, “I must shoot this movie because you are a God of miracle, who can do the impossible.” Just at that time, someone called me At a TV station BNN in Boston where I had gone to seek cinematographers to shoot for me. They sent this guy just at the greatest time of my need. We did the shooting that day. God came to my deliverance and rescued me. I was so grateful to God, reminding me He is a living God who answers prayers.

On August 17, 2019, it was like my world tumbled over. This same guy whom God used to rescue me will not complete the work, took money, and shot such terrible thing. I had saved every money I had; worked so hard for this trailer shoot for the movie trailer. Everything just collapsed. I was shaken up. What do I do Lord? The grace of God consumed me and encouraged to move on: He is still on the throne. That I will do the movie in His time. “In His time, He makes everything beautiful.” It was so tragic I couldn’t even pay my rent, no money to eat. I poured all my resources in it. I have already done the audition were many wanted to participate. Everything collapsed.

God enabled me to survive and move on. These are the things we enjoy: God’s marvelous grace, compassion and His mercy that endures forever. These are things that can make people give up life or want to commit suicide, or begin to curse God, etc. But you learn to give God praise and thanks for being there for you in times of life struggles that have destroyed the rich and poor.

In this thanksgiving, Let us remember to give God the glory who again and again has been gracious to us, even when we don’t deserve anything; when we take His glory and boast about everything; despite that He can take away those things from us. Even when He is merciful and patient, we take it for granted, instead of being thankful. Even when family and friends abandon us, He comes to out rescue and send His angels to help us. Look back this year and see how gracious God has been to you and praise, worship and glorify Him.

The Scripture says:

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God for your life.”

I have learned to be thankful, even in those hard and impossible situations in my life, God will turn it for your own good.

“All things work for good to those who love the Lord.”

Learn to praise and give God the glory in your life; learn to say thanks to God and others for what they have done for you; don’t take people for granted. Thank you makes people feel good and loved. These are little tings in life, but they matter. As you eat your thanksgiving dinner, remember those who have made your life more enriched, blessed, and say thank you to them. Remember the God of heaven who again and again has been gracious, kind, and compassionate. Learn to say thank you Lord all the time. I go on my knees all the time, and I say thank you Lord, I love you with all my heart.

Rev. Uche Ikpa.
Photo: crosscards

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