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TV Highlights Nov 25 - Dec 1

TV Highlights Nov 25 - Dec 1

What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week.

  • Posted on: 25 November 2019
  • By: Alfonso

New Singles
Channel 8

No Lye Documentary, No lye is a chronological and thematic history of the ethnic beauty industry in America that highlights innovative stylists, products, and business leaders. Produced by Frances P. Rice.
6:45 PM on Thursday 11/28
11 AM on Friday 11/29
5:05 PM on Saturday 11/30
7 PM on Sunday 12/1

Control the Hunt, Veronica finally gained control of her blood lust and got a happy life with her new girlfriend, but one day she gets into a car accident and believes the hunter from her past have come back to finish what he started...She can not stop him without risking losing her craziness for blood. Produced by Electra Gustafsson.
7:45 PM on Tuesday 11/26
11:50 AM on Wednesday 11/27
8:10 PM on Thursday 11/28
10 PM on Friday 11/29
11:10 PM on Sunday 12/1

Liverpool Finds a Home in Cambridge, a short documentary about the sports team, Liverpool, being popular in a Cambridge resto bar called The Phoenix Landing. Hosted and produced by James Herrick.
5 PM on Tuesday 11/26, Thursday 11/28, and Saturday 11/30
11:10 AM on Wednesday 11/27
8 PM on Sunday 12/1

All is Well, motivational and inspirational messages. Produced by John Lukyamuzi.
7 PM on Tuesday 11/26
11 AM on Wednesday 11/27
12:10 PM on Friday 11/29

Massachusetts House of Representatives Formal Session November 6, 2019, the House convened and passed two bills, in particular, to improve the mental health care for student veterans (H4177) and to honor the military service contributions of Deborah Sampson, an American Revolutionary War soldier (H.4129). Produced by the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
5 PM on Monday 11/25
11 AM on Tuesday 11/26 and Thursday 11/28
10 PM on Sunday 12/1

CCTV Weekend Marathon
Tune in on Channel 9 for the Weekend Marathon and watch programs centered around Thanksgiving Throwbacks!
Friday 11/29 from 6-9 PM, Saturday 11/30 from 12 PM - Midnight
& Sunday 12/1 from 12-4 PM.

Thanksgiving at the Tavern 2014, host Clyde Hicks visits Tavern in The Square in Central Square, which offers a free meal on Thanksgiving to those in need of nourishment and companionship, and conducts interviews with some of the people present. Produced by Simon McDonough.
7:35 PM on Friday 11/29

NeighborMedia: Thoughts On Thanksgiving, NeighborMedia correspondent Kristina Kehrer explores local thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards Thanksgiving and showcases "firsthand" accounts of the First Thanksgiving given by Native Wompanoag individuals and Plimoth Plantation pilgrims. Produced by Kristina Kehrer.
7:30 PM on Saturday 11/30

Native American Rock Art, short documentary featuring Native American art, Produced by Albert Copley.
12 PM on Sunday 12/1

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