Laura Montgomery had her Last Show 'Let's Talk' on Dec. 17, 2010

Laura Montgomery, did her last show of 'Let's Talk' on Dec. 17, 2010. I will miss her show and her being on CCTV every Friday at 4:30pm. Laura says she need her rest and I understand that what she needs.
When I first came to CCTV ,and I was scared. I never could see myself doing a BeLive Show like Laura.I did it anyway ,because Laura knew I could it. Laura Montgomery is my dearest friend and there is no one like her.

It's has hit me yet ,that Laura's show is over. I have been struggling with that fact. Laura Montgomery is a hero to me and she will always be to me. I have learned so much from Laura and one thing I have learned from is to be true to myself. I love you ,Laura. Thank you ,Laura for all that you have given me.
By Elizabeth A. Kanze


Thanks for letting us know and for documenting Laura's last show. It's amazing how she inspired you to do a show, too. That's a great photo of you two. Hopefully she can come back and be a guest.