TV Highlights Oct 21 - Oct 27

TV Highlights Oct 21 - Oct 27

What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week.

  • Posted on: 21 October 2019
  • By: Alfonso

New Singles
Channel 8

Cedar Mountain Bluegrass, a Bluegrass band plays in the studio, with a couple of commentaries in between. Produced by Al Marotta.
7:30 PM on Tuesday 10/22, 11 AM on Wednesday 10/23
8:15 PM on Thursday 10/24, 11:40 AM on Friday 10/25
8:10 PM on Sunday 10/27

Cambridge Dyslexia Diaries, A Storytelling Project, Part 1: Tony Byers, Principal, learn about friends, neighbors, and colleagues who share their stories of struggle and living with dyslexia, a brain based disability. One in five people struggle to learn how to read. Learn how you can help. Produced by Mercedes Soto.
8 PM on Tuesday 10/22, 12:35 PM on Wednesday 10/23
8:05 PM on Thursday 10/24, 11:30 AM on Friday 10/25
7 PM on Sunday 10/27

Primetime with Ben and Meaghan, Ben and Meaghan perform an acoustic set for CCTV's Beginning Studio Production class. Produced by Ellen Daoust.
8:20 PM on Tuesday 10/22, 6:30 PM on Wednesday 10/23
6 PM on Thursday 10/24, 11 AM on Friday 10/25

Dr. Scare Devil MD, Dr. Scare Devil MD is a masterpiece that was jointly created by Rock Louis, Richard Sheingold, Kent Thompson, Joshua Arevalo and Ellen Daoust for CCTV's Sketch Comedy class taught by Caitlin Arcand. Produced by Ellen Daoust.
8:50 PM on Tuesday 10/22, 12:40 PM on Wednesday 10/23
6:55 PM on Friday 10/25

History Cafe: Engaging Through The Arts, in partnership with Central Square Theater, we invite artists David Fichter, Eryn Johnson, and Vincent Siders to discuss how the arts can serve as a catalyst for– or reaction to– change. This event is part of Central Square Theater’s Central Conversations series and the final History Café of the Society’s 2019 “How Does Cambridge Engage?” programming. This event took place September 23, at the Central Square Theater. Produced by CCTV.
5 PM on Tuesday 10/22, Wednesday 10/23, and Friday 10/25

Horizons: Storage the Key to Making Renewable Energy Work, renewable energy generation is now often cheaper than fossil fuels. The problem? It often can't be deployed when and where it is needed. The ability to store energy at scale could have a dramatic effect on increased renewables penetration and on global grid stability and resiliency. Malta, a graduate of Alphabet's Moonshot Factory (formerly Google X), is based in Kendall Square and is developing a solution that can store large amounts of energy for long durations. CEO Ramya Swaminathan will talk about Malta's system and other types of energy storage, how storage could transform the energy industry as we know it today, and what needs to happen at federal, state, and local levels to ensure its speedy adoption. Produced by CCTV.
6:30 PM on Tuesday 10/22
5 PM on Thursday 10/24 and Saturday 10/26

MA House of Representatives Formal Session - October 2nd, 2019, the House met in a formal session and passed H.4099, An Act to support improved financial stability in higher education. The bill was drafted partly in response to the closure of Mount Ida College in 2018, and mandates new financial disclosures and more. Produced by the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
5 PM on Monday 10/21, 12 PM on Tuesday 10/22
11 AM on Thursday 10/24, 10 PM on Friday 10/25
11:15 PM on Sunday 10/27

Off the Shelf - Wrongful Convictions & the DNA Revolution, people believed the criminal justice system worked. DNA technology shattered that belief. DNA has freed over 300 innocent prisoners in the U.S. Daniel Medwed, founding member of the Innocence Network, examines the lessons learned and the challenges ahead. Produced by Danvers Community Access TV.
5:40 PM on Monday 10/21, 11 AM on Tuesday 10/22
12:10 PM on Thursday 10/24, 11:15 PM on Friday 10/25

Special Live Programming
Channel 8

CCTV Live: Meet the Candidates with Jimmy Tingle!
7-9 PM on Monday 10/21
2-4 PM on Wednesday 10/23

New Series
Channel 8

The Call Global, a religious show highlighting unity, peace, and love. Produced by Marie Denise.
11:30 AM on Wednesday 10/23, 7 PM on Thursday 10/24
7:05 PM on Sunday 10/27

CCTV Weekend Marathon
Tune in on Channel 9 for the Weekend Marathon and watch programs centered around the election and the candidate spots on Saturday and Sunday!
Friday 10/25 from 6-9 PM, Saturday 10/26 from 12 PM - Midnight
& Sunday 10/27 from 12-4 PM.

Candidate Spots, hear what each candidate has to say. Produced by CCTV.
11 AM-1:30 PM on Saturday 10/26, immediately followed by four candidate forums.

Cambridge Citizens Coalition City Council Candidate Forum, the Cambridge Citizens Coalition held its first City Council candidate panel “on key issues facing the city” from 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 6 at Lesley University’s Washburn Auditorium. The forum was recorded by James Herrick. Produced by CCTV.
9:05 PM on Sunday 10/27

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