• Cambridge Art Walk

Cambridge Art Walk

Cambridge Art Walk

Check out the latest free public art in Cambridge

What will you do this weekend? Can't decide between hiking or going to the local art museum? Why not take a Cambridge Art Walk. I made a map of some of most interesting free public art. Here is some information on the places I photographed.

"My Totem" is a mural created by youth from the Community Art Center in Cambridge. Kids 5-19 created there own totems. They studied totems from different cultures for inspiration and then created their own totem. The kids painted totems, drawing from stories from their own lives.

"Knowledge and Learning": Make sure to check out this new mural on the side of the Central Square library. Sivia Lo'pez Chavez artwork, "Knowledge and Learning", connects people through social, political, cultural spaces.

"Keep the Earth Bountiful" is a painting by Liz LaManche celebrates the women as "Female Food Heroes". It depicts women farmers saving the earth by helping fight hunger and global warming.

"Belonging" is a mural painted in collaboration between Shilo Suleman and students from the NuVu studios. It represents the story of Cambridge as a transient city. It shows the conflict between the people of Cambridge, students and immigrants as they face the threat of gentrification.

Biogen's Community Lab Mural, is mural painted on the path that leads to the Biogen Community Lab. It is a colorful mural honoring women in science.