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A way for wrap program to combine with peer councelors

A way for wrap program to combine with peer councelors

Is a way to help along the recovery with people struggling with anxiety and depression

there is a new mental health recovery resource that was born out of Mary Copelands wrap program.It has been named Wrap and peer support manual' a personal, group and program development. A peer is one who has graduated from the Wrap program. Shery Mead has joined forces with Mary to create what has become a powerful manual in helpful in treating the disease of depression So, why would wrap and peer support be together. What is the reason for these to be treaters of depression .and anin different ways These ways include be a member or a peer; one supports doing relationships with others in different ways these ways include promoting growsth, recovery and wellness. Wfhen one puts both wrap and peers together, the strategies and skills discovered in the peer support model can became part of the wrap and skills and strategies.discovered when we learn about and use wrap to assist us in peer support. When we use the peer support theory we can then begin to use wrap to help one another discover the context in which we have learned about ourselves, and then to help each other make plans which build a new life story A few things, as I close is to get exercise light and a good night sleep in addition to the program and maybe you can wrap up your recovery


Thanks for this. We need much more discussion around
mental health. Beverly Mire (you know me as Bev!)