Cambridge Science Festival Call for Entries!

Cambridge Science Festival Call for Entries!

  • Posted on: 27 October 2006
  • By: Susan

The Cambridge Science Festival, to be held April 21 — 29, 2007, the first of its kind in the United States, is a celebration showcasing Cambridge as an internationally recognized leader in science and technology. It will offer a wide range of events –creative exhibitions, plays, concerts, poetry readings, lectures, demonstrations and debates – over nine days and in a variety of locations throughout Cambridge. The Cambridge Science Festival will make science accessible, interactive and fun, and will highlight the impact of science in all our lives.

Got an interesting idea you'd like to include in the Festival? Please let the organizers know about it!

Click here for more information and an application form.

CCTV will organize a band of producers to document the Cambridge Science Festival. If you are interested in participating, email us at