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Hasson Rashid Speak's at Cambridge, MA City Council Meeting (6/10/19)!

Hasson Rashid Speak's at Cambridge, MA City Council Meeting (6/10/19)!

Perversion of Historical Services to Cambridge's Black American Community and Sectors

  • Posted on: 11 June 2019

My public comment at Cambridge City Hall on June 10,2019 is as follows (

Peace Be Unto You

Hello everyone, I’m Hasson Rashid, I reside at 820 Massachusetts Avenue, my public comment relates to Policy Order/ Resolution List#3.

From prior experiences in getting the city policy makers and administrators, to act or work, on monuments, memorials, site markers, and other historical plaques, all I can say is good luck to those efforts. For an example of what I’m saying here, look at the minimal efforts to share information with the public on the progress of Community Preservation Act (CPA), project funding awards for years 2017 and 2019. Both years the CPA Committee announced project awards for the “African American Trail and Site Markers,” etc., awards that total of approximately between $30 - $80K dollars, according the CPA Award Announcements for those years.

Even until today nothing significant has been shared with or forthcoming to the public at large about this. I even begged Mr. Sullivan at the Historical Commission to help inform the public about local African American Trail Markers being awarded CPA funding for repairs and other maintenance updating. He told me once via e-mail that EverSource owned the land at Hampshire and Prospect, where there is located a Clement Morgan City Historical Plaque. It and the surrounding land is in disrepair, etc. He said EverSource was aware of it, and would do something about it, he also said that there was a plan on the table to do something about it. That was approximately two City Council elections ago. In my efforts to get things moving, I even approached the local African Historical Trials Committee for solutions. it seems as though they were having troubles of their own with membership issues, etc.

Finally, it isn’t fair play, etc., to neglect or turn the heads in a different direction when it comes to historical services to and for the Black American community and sectors of Cambridge. Our concerns are just as important as any of the other segments of the municipality, even more so now, in light of all of the famous matriculation of master planning. What will the proposed forming of a committee by the city manager, bring to the light of the public, in regards to a production plan and timeline, etc. for applications of CPA awarded project funding for years 2017 and 2019,etc., and will this also be included in a timely manor.? Thank you.

Yours In Peace
Concerned Citizen
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
Cambridge, MA
June 10,2019