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describing the Inman square intersection program

describing the Inman square intersection program

how and when the improvements take place

Because of accidents in Inman Square at the intersection of Beacon and Cambridge St. including a tragic bicycle.accident; City Manager louis A. Despasquale describes his plan for an intersection of improvement Project. here you will read about the construction update. Mr. Depasquale starts by saying that this will be a very challenging endeavor. Living, working and operating business is going will prove to be a difficult situation. There have been numerous community meetings in which the residents and businesses have provided the project with much feedback. This is so helpful because its led to continuous improvements in the design.

"We, says Mr.Depasquale look forward to a very successful project which will improve safety for people walking, biking and driving through Inman Square" He also wants residents, business and those driving through the area to know that all concerned are committed to work diligently throughout the project. He encourages people involved to ask any questions, concerns or suggestions about the project via the project website or to attend planned community events. Also the City Manager urges people to continue to show their support for all of the local business which makes Inman Square unique.

There will be an oppurtunity for members of the public to meet key staff from the DPW and the project contractor, who will be on site daily. there will be monthly "coffee talk"p drop in sessions to be held during the construction seasons,