Spiritual Revival: Only Remedy To Save America & World

Spiritual Revival: Only Remedy To Save America & World

Crisis of moral leadership in these challenging times: in politics, spiritual, corporate, etc., and collapse of conscience.

There is crisis of moral leadership in these challenging times: in politics, spiritual, corporate, etc. Moral conscience has collapsed in our culture, and across nations of the world. The only remedy to save America and the world is spiritual revival. There is a crucial and desperate need for spiritual awakening in these challenging times. There is no morality anymore. Everybody lives just doing whatever they want to do, regardless of God’s laws and commandments. There is no fear of God anymore. It is documented atheism is the fastest growing religion in America.

Children and the younger generation are the recipient of the deadly effect of this trend: they have no role models to emulate; all the crimes committed in America are done by teens and younger children: mass shooting, drugs, porn, 11 year-old having a child, younger ones less than 11 are having sex, etc. There is no one at home to teach and nurture them. Children are the object of abuse today: internet sexual predators, prey on them, abduct them, and sexually abuse or traffic on them. Why? Because they have being abandoned by parents who are not their for their children. They are learning from political and spiritual leaders who are so corrupt, and don’t show moral example of leadership. They think what these leaders do are the best, and they emulate them since nobody is teaching and nurturing them at home to counteract what they are watching.

The problem is not only with political leaders, but even worse with spiritual leaders. Thousands of children have being sexually abused by Catholic priests all over the world; many Anglican and Methodist ministers have just been busted for sexual misconduct. In corporate arena, many billionaires and companies have been caught in all kinds of illicit and corrupt business dealings. There is so much fraudulent business dealings today that you have to be so careful or you are duped.

• The Abortion issue:

I am not saying abortion is right before God: abortion is sinful, but the same conservative Republican leaders passing sweeping laws about abortion in America are full of hate, lack of compassion, healthcare being denied to millions, guns destroying millions-blocking control of it, children caged across America, lying, adultery, fornication, murder, rape and having sex with minors, cheating, plotting to kill or destroy political opponents; all of these are sinful. But as long as you don’t commit abortion, you are righteous for the conservative Republicans. Why don't you fight to stop these things for the glory of God, if you truly love Him?

Texas is trying to pass a law where if a woman commits abortion, she will be on death row. We are back in the days of the Pharisees in the times of Jesus. Jesus called them hypocrites. They multiplied the law so minute that it became a burden on the people. ‘Plucking ears of corn on the Sabbath day was sinful.’ The woman who committed adultery was to be stoned to death. Jesus asked them:

‘If you have never committed sin before, be the first to stone the woman to death.’

They all left because they were committing the same sin the woman committed. Jesus told the woman to go, and that she has been forgiven of her sins. Can you imagine if all the conservative Republicans will make sweeping changes about hate, tearing the nation apart in our American culture; hate that has killed people worshiping in synagogues, temples and churches? What a beautiful place America will become again! Abortion for them is the only thing that constitutes obedience to God’s will. That was why Jesus called the Pharisees hypocrites. It is the same thing happening today with the conservative Republicans. They are the modern Pharisees.

1 Is there any sin greater than the other?

No, there is no sin greater the other. Sin is sin. The one who lies or cheats is guilty before God, just like the one who commits abortion. The one who hates his or her neighbor is just as guilty as the who commits abortion. Hate leads to killing. Many just recently have been killed because of hate in America. Pretending like abortion is the greatest sin is a deception of the human heart, and those who practice this deception are deceiving themselves. They know the truth, and someday, they will stand before God, and be condemned if they fail to repent. Sin is sin: stealing, cheating, adultery, fornication, rape, murder, etc. None is greater.

2 Do men have a part to play in abortion?

Yes, they do. What happens to men who are having sex with these women, and cause them to be pregnant? Do they have a part to play in abortion? Often times, the men are the ones who are sexually involved with the women, pursing the women. When there is pregnancy, the man will want the child aborted if they are influential people in politics or spiritual or corporate leaders: Why? Because they don’t want to be caught or damage their reputation. Then, they pay for the abortion. The woman sexually abused will not want to carry a pregnancy that she does not understand who the father is, or otherwise.

3 In penalizing the woman, what part are men going to play in these abortion laws sweeping the country?

Many men have lost their position in sexual misconduct. Did they pay for abortion, or they just abused the woman sexually for their own fun? Men in prestigious power: spiritual, political, corporate intimidate women sexually. And the poor women succumb to the intimidation because they don’t want to lose their jobs. What happens to the man who had the woman pregnant? What would be done to the man who payed for the abortion, and want to avoid being caught? These are complex issues of abortion been laid at the feet of the woman. Men must bear responsibilities of abortion too, not only the woman.

• The liberal democrats have passed a law that says this:

“California Senate Passes Bill For Free Abortion Pills At Public Colleges”

Then you wonder where is America heading to? How can they pass such a law in colleges where many are still very young, and might be tempted to have sex freely, and be reminded they can abort if they are pregnant? Are we witnessing the fall of American empire? This is really very sad, extremely sad. The liberals have no limit to immorality: men and men are married; women and women are married. These are abomination to God’s will. It was the sin that destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah. They are raising children. When you say God’s word is against that, they plot to destroy you. It has always been sin and wickedness that destroyed nations and empires. God hates sin.

A believer can’t hate the sinner, because you yourself were sinful when God saved you. You love the sinner, but you are letting them know the consequences of sin that could have destroyed you if God did not come to your rescue. You don’t hate the sinner, but the believer must uphold the will of God and His commandments and laws. That is why God saved the believer to witness the saving grace of God for His glory.

• Spiritual Revival: the only remedy for America & World:

Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott & The Scott Family - Thy Will

God is a loving and compassionate God who loves humanity. He doesn’t desire the death of sinners: black or white, Jews or Gentiles. That was the major reason He died on the cross that humanity will have power to live above sin: and have a joyful and peaceful life on earth. His will must be done in our lives, or we won't have peace.

Do you enjoy the chaos, turbulence, uncertainties ravaging our world? Do you want to live in this kind of world where you live in fear all the time, not knowing what will happen to you: regardless of your material attainment, or otherwise?

God is calling us back to love and obey Him; to love each other, regardless of color; to be wise and know what is crucial and relevant in life-eternal life. The Scripture says:

“And what is in this life? The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. These things shall pass away, but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.”

If the church of God will come back to God and ask for forgives of their sins, and those who do not know the Lord will confess their sins and accept Jesus as Savior, God will forgive and change the turbulence ravaging America and the world.

God says to the church:

“If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways. I will hear from heaven: I will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

That means the one who professes to be a Christian, God is telling you to stop your sin: turn away from your wicked ways, be restored and forgiven. “Turn away from your wicked ways.” God will forgive and the backslid-den believer, and restore things again for His church. Then God will heal our land-turbulent and chaotic America & world. We are a sick country: we need healing, we need restoration of peace and tranquility, so does the world. God depends on His people to rise from their spiritual apathy and witness the saving grace of God again. He will forgive when they repent. Jesus said:

“I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church.”

The one who has not made profession of faith, God says, repent, confess your sin, tell God you are sorry and He will forgive you: and the Holy Spirit will come and live inside you; God the Third Person to enable you overcome sin in your life. It does not matter what sin you have committed: you stole killed, raped, committed abortion, lies, etc., God will forgive, and you will not live in fear again; but will have peace. You will never have peace as long as you are living in sin: regardless of your material opulence, or fame and fortune. You will only live in fear.

There is no other way to stop all these chaos ravaging America and the world, than to come back to God and ask for mercy and pardon. We have gone too far with sin, wickedness, lies, and lawlessness in every aspect of life.

• Disobedience to God’s will:

If we will not obey, we shall pay the fatal consequences of sin and wickedness: just like the history of the world recorded of nations that faded off because of sin. The empire will fade off. God is warning and pleading for us to repent of our sins. He will forgive, restore peace, and and heal America and the world.

It was the same situation before the fall of Judah. God sent His prophets to warn the people of their wickedness: some were killed; some were persecuted; the people will not listen. Until God stepped in to end the empire. His grace and mercy timed out. We do not have time to waste anymore. We are already on the eve of “Third World Nuclear War,” but God can avert that. Only those with wisdom and insight from God knows this. May God help us to listen, obey, and repent.

Rev. Uche Ikpa.

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