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Motherhood, A Great Gift From God: Happy Mother’s Day To All The Mothers

Motherhood, A Great Gift From God: Happy Mother’s Day To All The Mothers

God gave women a great gift of motherhood. Next to God's love for humanity is a mother's love.

God gave women a great gift of motherhood. In my new book “What Makes A Woman Beautiful?,” I captured a little bit of what happens to a woman who is a mother: This is a quote from my book:

“Child bearing is so exclusive to women, and a source of wonder and mystery to humanity. The men can’t do it. The woman becomes pregnant for 9 months. The child develops in the stomach of the woman until the baby is born. Pregnancy for women is not easy, but the woman bears all the discomfort because she is fulfilling the destiny and purpose God has for her life. “Without God creating the woman, humanity will not exist.” That is powerful and special. That is why mothers are powerful and special human beings.”
“What Makes A Woman Beautiful.” Amarachi Ruth

• Mother’s deep love for their children:

There is no one who loves us like our mothers except God: Next to God’s love is a mother’s love.

A story is told of a woman whose son stole all the time. Each time he stole, he was sent to prison. The mother prayed so much for him, but he kept stealing and always ended up in the prison. So one day, while in prison, the roof fell and he died. An angel took him and showed him where he was to spend eternity-hell. He cried and begged, cried and begged not to go there. But the angel reminded him how he was again and again told to stop stealing, and he refused to listen. He cried and pleaded for mercy. God was moved and gave him another chance. As they were about to bury him, he woke up to life again to tell this amazing story of grace.

It was the power of a mother’s deep love and prayer. They keep loving their children, no matter what they have done. Mother’s love for their children is deep and, profound and unimaginable.

I will never forget my dead mother. She made a great impression in my life when I was growing up. During the Biafran War in Nigeria, there was no salt to cook, nothing to eat for many families. People were dying in groves. She will not eat until her children have eaten. Even in that distressful times, she was giving and sharing whatever she had with strangers. I never saw her quarrel with anybody. She was so gentle and extremely kind.

During my teen years, she will pull me aside, she admonishes me:

Ucheatura, which means when you are thinking, you can’t sleep: “Don’t run after men, let them run after you. When you do, you lose respect as a woman and they will never respect you. When you marry, humble yourself before your husband. I was taught you can’t have sex before you marry. That area is reserved for the one who will marry you. Your husband may hurt you and may not say I am sorry, but will find other ways to say I am sorry. She taught me so much that when she passed away in 1995, I cried so much that I could not stop crying because I loved her so much. She was my best friend in my rough and turbulent teen life. She appeared to me in my dream. When I saw her, I cried Enyia, Enyia, I thought they said you have died. My father gave her the name Enyia, meaning my friend as they loved each other so much. They met and fell in love so deeply.

She was in the air and I wanted to touch her, she disappeared. I knew she came to tell me she was in a better pace-heaven: I should stop crying. This is the poem I wrote in dedication to her when she died:


You are wise
Your body, like a stature
Was meant for the glory of God
Suddenly, your light snuffed out
Your surrounding darkened
You did not age
You struggled to conquer
You battled and lost

You said though my light snuffs out
I can feel my surroundings
I can hear voices
Like the deer seeks water
You sat and waited at the
For humanity to pass by
To share your kindness

You gave all
You gave yourself
You refused to clip
Your wings
You spread them on
To fly
Souring like an eagle
To freedom

For truly you found
Though, your light snuffed out
For in your freedom
You conquered darkness
You enlightened darkness
Your radiance adorned our hearts
And embellished it perpetually

You are my love
You taught me
To love
To forgive
To be kind
To be true
Life can only bear
One of your kind
You are a gift from
You touched many hearts
You are my mother

• Infertility in women

You may be a woman married and you are not able to have a child. Take it calmly. You may choose to adopt a child: if you do, and love the child like the child you would have gotten, that child will never forget you in life. That child will love and care for you all through his or her life. It is love that makes the difference.

If you don’t want to adopt, accept the will of God and move on with your life. It is what we do for others in life that matters. You can be involved in what gives you joy and peace. Helping others does that for us in life as you seek to make your world a better place for others.

• The single unmarried woman:

You long to marry, there is nothing wrong with that. That is the way God made the woman. I am a single woman, I still long to marry. But I know God’s will is best for me, and as a child of God, I wait for His timing. My timing is not God’s timing. “In God’s time, He makes everything beautiful.” People may say Uche, when will God come to you, you are getting old? I remind them some women in the Bible had children in their old age. “There is nothing impossible with God.”

As a single woman waiting on the Lord to give me a life partner, I seek with my heart to do things that will glory Him: seeking to make my world a better place with the talents God lavished on me. I don’t live immoral life sexually or otherwise, running after men. I seek desperately to glorify God in my life. The single woman should be disciplined with yourself and body, not living immoral until God blesses you with a husband. Don’t run after married men. It is the most dangerous thing to do. Use your talents to glorify God and make other lives fulfilled. You will feel satisfied when you do that.

• The challenge for the married woman or motherhood
today in our modern times:

Have you realized all the mass shooting, drug addiction, porn crises; 11 - year old having a son, children have sex, etc. , all are teens and ever younger. Why is it so?

Children have been abandoned by parents, especially mothers. Almost all the women are in the work force. I am not saying a woman should not work, but when you have a child or children, you must create time to teach and nurture them to grow properly. Children come back from school, nobody is there for them. They surf the internet and they watch all kinds of dangerous activities in the internet. Nobody is watching them or monitors what they do. You as a mother, you don’t know your child is watching porn, or how to shoot. This is the challenge facing you. It is not enough you have a child, but failure to raise them properly, creating time to nurture, and teach will result in that child’s failure in life: and will cause you deep pain and sadness. A poem I wrote about abandoned children:

Children & abandonment

My little angels they say
Are the joys of my life
I live for my little angels

When its time to give
Your best to little angels
Your time
Your presence

None is found
Little angels wonder away
Lost in confusion
Until lost without remedy

Your time so precious
Is what your little angels need
To grow wisely
Not your money
Not your gifts

Your precious time
Your precious presence

• Mothers, love and respect your husbands:

Women, don’t marry a man if you don’t love and respect. Love makes a world of difference in marriage. Love is a kind of reverential feeling, deep respect and admiration of the person you love. Without love, the marriage will not last. Don’t love a man because of their money or physical attraction. It is the most dangerous thing to do in life.

An article appeared on Fox news just few days ago which read:

“A Florida man says he would rather go to jail than to his wife as he gets caught driving on sunroof”

Why does he feel this way?

“He said the wife treats him like a servant.”

That is the way you will feel with a man you don’t respect and love. It is also the fact of lack of teaching in our younger generation exposed to no teaching and moral values of respect, nurturing when growing up, and because nobody was there for them. Nobody is grooming and preparing them for marriage. They think sex is love; they think money is love. Because they see the society and culture elevate money and sex as god.

These are challenges facing motherhood today. Women, respect and love your husbands. That man will always appreciate you if you do, and you lift him up to his highest destiny in life. He will be a joyful and fulfilled man in life. A woman can break or elevate a man.

An Ibo song in Nigeria echoes the Bible:

"Favor is deceitful
Beauty is worthless
But a woman that fears the Lord
Is the glory of the husband."

Happy mother’s day. Have a wonderful mother’s day. May God bless you in a special way today.

Rev. Uche Ikpa.


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