Politics Is Not About Money & Greed: But Humility, Service, Sacrifice & Compassion

Politics Is Not About Money & Greed: But Humility, Service, Sacrifice & Compassion

Politics has degenerated into love for money and lies. Jesus warned: “The love for money is the root of all evil.”

Politics has degenerated into love for money and lies. Jesus warned: “The love for money is the root of all evil.” This is what is causing oppressive regimes across nations of the world. America is succumbing to its threats.

If you are voted in as a presidential candidate in 2020, and after four years in office, and the following still affect the country: gun control crisis, no affordable healthcare for millions of Americans, comprehensive immigration crises, economic and inequality crises that have affected millions of Americans in suicides, drugs, homelessness: when you step down, then you have failed to lead the country in the right direction to peace, tranquility and prosperity.

Those congressmen and women in Congress, you are only playing political rhetoric when you failed to implement change in these areas too, causing millions of Americans fear and pain everyday in their lives.

For many years now, no substantial and meaningful legislation has been passed in Congress that solves the people’s problems. Every four or eight years, a new administration comes in, they promise almost everything: but the situation of the people they deceived remain the same. They forget a day of accountability before God is coming, and sometimes even before they step down.

A song writer said:

“Fading away like the stars of the morning
Losing their light in the glorious sun
Thus we would pass from this earth and its toiling
Only remembered by what we have done”
(Horatius Bonar: 1891).

These political leaders fail to understand: when you step down as a leader, political, spiritual or otherwise, your deeds and actions follow you to your grave.

Jesus made the greatest statements on leadership that will remain and challenge us forever:

As the disciples of Jesus fought for power, who will be the greatest among them? Jesus laid the foundation of true leadership:

“Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority over them. But it shall not be so among you, but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister. And whoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant. Even as the son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and give his live a ransom to many.” Mathew 20:25-27

Leadership is about service-servanthood. It is not about enrichment financially or otherwise. That is the concept that has been forgotten; that is why our world is so dangerously messed up. You see the rich raising money for a political campaigner who knows nothing about leadership; who does not even know how to lead him or herself: how can you lead others. Then they use the ignorant person elected to lobby in Congress for their selfish interest.

These are the crucial and desperate needs of the American people. Whoever will lead or is leading the country now, or in the future, failure to implement and change these situations does not understand leadership: and have failed to lead the people into peace and progress. “You will conclude by your actions:

I don’t care if Americans live or die. It is irrelevant to me: All I want is money, power and glorify myself, and not God and the people you deceived to lead.

1 Gun Control Crises:

Some few years back “TIME Magazine” dubbed America: “The Most Violent Nation In The World.” That has proven to be true. There is no nation in the world with mass shooting like America. Every moment, it is school shooting, it is home shooting, it is shooting in the community, it is shooting, and it is shooting . . .

“At least 1 Dead, 8 Injured In shooting At Denver Area School”
Huffpost News

“Elderly Woman totally Shot In New Port, NH.”
Boston Globe

Ex-Getty mistress Cynthia Beck owns LA mansion where over 1,000 guns were seized.
May 9, 2019: New York Times

What is she doing with all these guns? Who sold all these guns to her?

It is mass shooting almost everyday in schools; thousands die in Chicago every year; thousands of Americans die every year on gun shooting. What is Congress doing about this? Nothing! But why?

“Unfortunately for us, no one, not our spiritual or political leaders are immune to gun violence.”

The NRA has taught the politicians they fund that money is greater than human life. So how can you go against someone who funded your campaign? The American guns are not only killing Americans, it is also killing nations of the world.

America remains the greatest exporter of guns in the world. American guns are destroying thousands in the Middle East and millions have perished. America sells guns to Saudi Arabia who uses the guns to oppress his own people. We saw the ruthless and inhumane killing of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the American citizen from Saudi Arabia, and nothing was said about it. The money gotten from Saudi Arabia was greater in value than the cold - blooded killing of the Journalist. No Western Nation said anything. It is the power of money and guns. Congress has not been able to stop Saudi Arabia from using their guns to kill thousands of Yemen, children and women. Saudi buys billions of ammunition from United States; Israel does the same too.

A year ago, or a little more, the Nigerian President Buhari purchased millions of guns from United States. Nigeria did not need the guns. The guns have been used as a ploy to kill many in Nigeria by farmers and Boko Haram. Every minute somebody is kidnapped in Nigeria. Nigeria has become one of the most dangerous and violent nations in the world. Citizens live in fear.

It is the power of guns United States sales to nations of the world. No one is saying anything. Saudi Arabia has links to Boko Haram in Nigeria. It is the power of guns to hold nations in captive and silence them.

2 No Affordable healthcare for millions of Americans:

A 'Caravan' of Americans Is Crossing the Canadian Border to Get Affordable Medical Care

Is it not a shame that people are leaving United States for affordable healthcare? A nation so rich as America? Americans remain the only Industrial nation that does not provide health- coverage for all her citizens. Even the one President Obama created is under attack- the affordable-care. The Republicans are doing everything to destroy that. If it happens, more that 20 million Americans will lose their health coverage, including those with pre-condition and the poor.

Then they claim they are Evangelicals and Conservatives. But God admonishes those who claim to be Christians to love the poor and the needy. Where is your compassion for those who voted you in? Can you imagine not having healthcare? Whether you are rich or poor, you need healthcare. If you don’t have it, you die. How can you deny people healthcare? Where has compassion fled to? This is unimaginable. Human health is not politics. Our health is one of the greatest human concerns in life! Why would you want to take health-care away from millions and the disabled? Can you put yourself in the shoes of those you want to deny health-care from? How can people like these be leaders? It's unimaginable and baffling!

This is the power of money that leads many to run for Congress!

3 Immigration:

Immigration is the greatest deception politicians use as a ploy to win elections. They know how sensitive it is for people, and they prey on it. They fail to understand the deep pain and anguish it causes to those involve in it. Year in and year out, you see politicians make their campaign slogan immigration; promise many things to Americans who forgot they too were immigrants; and only deceive the people. It is the most complex issue of our day. It is politically motivated, not about defending the law.

Illegal and immigrants in United States generate billions of dollars for American economy. They are in constructions, they are in home-care, they are nurses; they are taking care of American children, they are cooking in restaurants, etc. Without immigrants, America will not survive. These illegal and immigrants have made many Americans rich and powerful, yet it’s all political when it comes to comprehensive immigration. The politicians forget their promises and careless. It is all about money for them. They use humans in the name of immigration to get to where they want to go! God is watching. It is a ruthless game: one that causes deep and crushing pain for those affected.

4 Economy & Inequality:

Economy & Inequality linked to the following:

• Suicide
• Drugs / opium
• Homelessness and shelters

We are being constantly reminded of the booming economy, and how thousands of jobs have been created: but nobody tells you about thousands of Americans committing suicide, drug and opium addictions gripping the nation, and thousands as homeless and in shelters. This is linked to the economy not working for the poor.

In a country so affluent, so powerfully rich and many billionaires and millionaires boast of their financial status; you find thousands homeless and poor- even elderly. Is that not paradoxical? Every thing created- taxes, etc., is to enrich the rich. The rich are getting richer and the poor-poorer. Middle class is almost wiped out. I was born by parents who gave their last penny, and I inherited their kind and caring nature. I rarely can keep money, and I keep asking the Lord to bless my intellectual endeavors: so I can enrich and share someday with those in need. I want to be a blessing to the world for the glory of God.

Statistics reports:

• From 1999-2015, 600, 000 committed suicide in United States.
• Nearly 45,000 suicides occurred in the United States in 2016

• U.S. States With The Highest Suicide Rates - WorldAtlas.com


Jan 16, 2019 - Suicide rates in the US have been on a constant rise in the last thirty years. With 28.9 deaths per 100,000 people, Montana has the highest ...

• 553, 742 homeless in United States
• 65% in shelters

These are crises ravaging American culture. Who will solve these problems? Politics is not a place of enrichment. It will take some congressman or woman compassionate, courageous, wise, and loves to help people: someone not motivated by greed or love for power and money; and someone who loves God and His glory. Would that be why you want to go into politics- to help and make people’s lives more fulfilled? Make a change?

5 Climate Change:

There are skeptics denying climate change, despite all the signs and changes in climate we have never seen before: extreme cold weather, the rise in the ocean flooding and destroying communities, etc.

Jesus warned us with these words before His Second Coming during the tribulation that will occur, the following will happen:

“The sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the power of the heavens shall be shaken.” Mathew 24:29

We are beginning to see the setting in of climate change, as Jesus warned His disciples to prepare for His Second coming. Climate change will play a significant role during the Second coming of Jesus Christ. Climate doubters, you have not seen anything yet! Be open to God’s wisdom, discernment and understanding.

Those political leaders, desperately and ambitiously doing everything to be the next leader or president of America, and the ones already leading Americans, these are the challenges facing you:

• Gun control
• Healthcare for all
• Immigration reform/ comprehensive immigration
• Economy & Inequality have given rise to

1 Drug epidemic/opium
2 Suicide crises
3 Homelessness/ thousands in shelter

When you shuttle your way into Congress: democrats or republicans, these are the challenges facing you. If these problems are not solved, you have wasted your time in Congress when you step down: you have failed the people. Your works will follow you into your grave. Politics is not a place of enrichment, greed, power, sex, or money: but help lift the lives of the people, and be compassionate to them for the glory of God. No effective and crucial legislation has passed in Congress for many years now, that can solve the desperate needs of the American people.

Rev. Uche Ikpa.

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