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A new and different way to treat Mental Illness

A new and different way to treat Mental Illness

group meetings to treat depression is discussed in this story


As we get smarter and stronger in the medical profession, new ways of treating mental illness has been found very helpful. The new treatment is called the Partial Hospital Program.If you are accepted into this program you attend four mental health groups sandwiched around a one hour lunch break. The staff includes a program director, a psychiatrist, a nurse practitioner, a staff psychologist, a case worker and four LICSW clinicians and an administrative coordinator. The groups are one hour each and are run by the psychologists, and the four clinicians. The goals of the program does the following; assistance in learning how to manage symptoms and be educated about them. The program helps you identify barriers to your recovery.

There are rules and expectations in the program. You are expected to attend daily. You must attend all groups in which you are assigned There also is a dress code. there can be no attire with advertisement of sex, drugs, or alcohol. Shoes must be worn at all times. you are asked to take care of your personal hygiene on a daily basis. NO strongly scented colognes, lotions. or aftershaves are allowed.

There are behaviors which one must be careful to abide by. There is no physical or verbally asaultive behavior. NO dealing or use of alcohol or drugs are allowed. Dating between program clients is strongly discouraged. There is a handout about good sleep hygiene which includes having a regular bedtime.. Try not to use your bedroom for anything but sleep.In the groups, there are some norms. Allow everyone an opportunity to speak. Do not come to groups intoxicated. We keep a sense of humor, as well. Nut most of all. GET WELL!!