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Hasson Rashid Speak's out at Cambridge City Hall (4/22/19)!

Hasson Rashid Speak's out at Cambridge City Hall (4/22/19)!

Cambridge? What or Where is the Spending on Permanent Housing for the Homeless in the City Manager's New FY 2019-20 Budget?

  • Posted on: 23 April 2019

Hasson Rashid 's Cambridge City Hall Public Comment for 4/22/19 is as follows:
Peace Be Unto You,

Hello everybody, I’m Hasson Rashid, I reside at 820 Massachusetts Avenue. My public comment today is in concern of City Manager's Agenda item (CMA#1) 1 and CMA# I2-9, and any other agenda item (s) that relate directly and indirectly to homelessness. The City of Cambridge has earned the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for 33 consecutive years, and Triple A Bond rating for an additional number of years. Despite this economic prosperity that has been driving growth in the City’s revenues for all those years. Today when it comes to spending on permanent housing for the homeless, here in Cambridge, according the City Manager’s Proposed Budget Overview ( City Manager Submits Proposed FY20 Operating and Capital Budget On April 22, 2019, Cambridge City Manager Louis A. DePasquale submitted his proposed Operating and Capital Budgets for Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20), as well as the proposed FY21-24 Operating and Capital Plans, to the Cambridge City Council; Nothing new in the way of spending on permanent housing and supportive services, for the homeless is to be found in this recent proposed FY Budget that begins on July 1, 2019.

There is no doubt that homelessness continues to be a social crisis and social problem, here in Cambridge, MA. Facing this social crisis and social problems are the most significant policy challenges that Cambridge currently experience. It is municipally known that the ultimate solution to homelessness is housing. This should be both qualitatively and quantitatively reflected in this proposed budget, at lease it wasn’t in the City Manager’s Overview. We must protect Cambridge as a place where everyone belongs, and remains inclusive towards the homeless. Municipal revenue and expenditures, must reflect this in the budgets year after year. As new FY Budgeting stands now, I’m not excited about the city’s ability to address the permanent housing needs of the homeless sector and mosaic in it.

As for CMA# 2-9, that is orders to borrow and appropriate, I wish the City Manager could do the same to invest in permanent homelessness housing solutions.

Finally, about Comm./Rep. from Other City Officers Agenda #1, I don’t think enough is being done or has been done budget wise and curriculum wise, to academically link the history of Homeless to the history of Poverty.

Thank You,
Yours In Peace
Mr. Hasson Rashid
Concerned Citizen
April 22, 2019

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