Norah Dooley hosts at "Service" story slam

Norah Dooley hosts at "Service" story slam

Co-host Patrick Maguire, is the editor/author of the award winning blog : and

Service is the theme...
Lip service. Service, please. Customer service. Public service? You've done the work, now - bring the story.

Norah Dooley has been a waitress, dishwasher, bicycle courier, xerox operator, copy shop manager, taxi driver,graphic artist, burglar alarm "listener" and mother of four. Service is her middle name. She is also a writer and storyteller and a gadfly. Her website is

Patrick has been engaging people in a dialogue that he hopes will result in more respect for service industry workers and greater civility among human beings. His core beliefs:

* That the customer has almost as much to do with the success of every customer service interaction as the service worker.
* That the customer, especially the abusive customer, is often dead wrong.
* That all of us are responsible for serving each other with mutual respect and civility.

Well - he is running uphill, against the grain and upstream on this one and that means? He has some great stories!

His blog will serve as a vehicle for ordinary people to to communicate what it’s like to serve customers and to do the work that servers do. There are things that servers would like to say to their customers but can’t. Here, their voices will be heard without fear of retribution.


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