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Hasson Rashid Speak's at Cambridge City Hall about "Impediments to Homeless Citizens Securing Permanent Shelter!"

Hasson Rashid Speak's at Cambridge City Hall about "Impediments to Homeless Citizens Securing Permanent Shelter!"

A Cambridge 100% Affordable Housing Zoning Overlay will Limit Housing Opportunties for Local Homeless Citizens!

  • Posted on: 25 March 2019

Hasson Rashid's 3/25/19 Public Comment( at Cambridge City Hall is as follows:

Peace Be Unto You,

Hello everybody I’m Hasson Rashid, I reside at 820 Massachusetts Avenue, my public comment this evening is concerning Agenda Item “Policy Order and Resolution List # 6,11,12,” and any other agenda item that relates directly or indirectly to homelessness.

The idea for 100% Affordable Housing Zoning Overlay (AHZO) or the on going discussion of it, must not result in zoning out the homeless sector and mosaic. Local zoning must be used to promote the general welfare of it’s homeless citizens, and that is by providing adequate housing opportunities for all categories of peoples. A 100% AHZO will limit housing opportunities for local homeless citizens.

Discussions thus far of this idea has not adequately included enough specifically concerning the inclusion of the homeless citizens, in regards to affordable housing construction and development. That is no blue print for homeless housing or concrete housing strategies for the homeless within it. When we discuss Affordable Housing issues the homeless citizens should be equally included in the comprehensible planning equations. If the planning doesn’t cover construction and development, adequately from the ground up, then it must be heading in the direction of exclusionary zoning. I highly doubt it if this proposed AHZO will provide every homeless citizen or family with a unit of permanent housing, etc. This then proposed AHZO will provide little to no opportunity for local homeless citizens. It then will become a barrier to housing for the homeless. It will become an impediment to homeless citizens securing permanent shelter.

In conclusion, this proposed “Affordable Housing Zoning Overlay” established, will function and serve as exclusionary zoning, be racially discriminatory, as well as economically discriminatory. It will aid in the circumvention of the need for immediate solutions for the local social problems of Cambridge homelessness in Cambridge, MA a housing problem thus created by exclusionary zoning.

Yours In Peace
Hasson Rashid
Cambridge, MA
March 25, 2019