Rooster Tails: Surreal Sideshow, 2015

Your Professor of Surrealism, Mick Cusimano, and his sidekicks at the door introduce a series of avant-garde comedy shorts. -- Surreal Sideshow (Updated, 2015) - Return to these comedic carny attractions: the world’s smallest people, snake charmers, a bed of nails, the captured alien, the human spider, the live mermaid, and, of course you must see the mummy. (Official Selection, Coney Island Film Festival. Official Selection, Boston Comedy Film Festival.) -- Werewolves of London, 2016 - The Gravedancers perform Warren Zevon’s original song in this music video that exemplifies green screen studio techniques. (E) -- Searching For Aphrodite - A collage of travelogue scenes in Nicosia, street events, and idling conversations from the Cyprus International Film Festival— it all builds into excitement for the possible Golden Aphrodite award and leads viewers on an a maze-like path that even crosses into improvisational theater. (E) -- Concludes with a trailer for an upcoming piece, “The Search for Cleopatra’s Crown.” -- (E= Exclusive, not repeated in other episodes)

Date and Time: 
Friday, March 15, 2019 - 6:30pm
Mick Cusimano
20.55 minutes