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CHYME Digital Stories on the Web

CHYME Digital Stories on the Web

  • Posted on: 15 December 2002
  • By: sean

The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life of Brandeis University, brought its Coexistence Initiative to CCTV. In cooperation with Crossing Borders (Jordan), Givat Haviva (Israel), and the Palestinian House of Friendship (PNA) the intiative is implementing the Middle East Youth Leaders Exhange Program to build capacity with youth leaders for cross-border community projects. Ten participants from Jordan and Israel created a series of personal narratives, learned about each other, and gained insight into the conflict in the Middle East. Their digital stories were produced with the guidance of Storytellying Producer Natasha Freidus and CCTV Production Coordinator Sean Effel. Sadly, the Palestinian group was not able to attend due to the curfews but did participate by telephone and Internet. Click Here to view the stories.


hi -- is there a new page for the CHYME stories? The link above, "click here to view the stories" leads to an error message saying the page does not exist. Looking forward to seeing the stories!