Ungodly Leadership: The Result Of Oppressive Regimes Across Nations Of The World.

Ungodly Leadership: The Result Of Oppressive Regimes Across Nations Of The World.

Leadership is not about money, power, sex, political affiliations, etc. Only standing for the truth can salvage America and the world.

  • Posted on: 31 January 2019
  • By: ucheikpa

Leadership is not about money, power, sex, political affiliations, etc. Only standing for the truth, regardless of what can salvage America and the world from plunging into Third World Nuclear War.

What is ungodly leadership? It is about leaders who don’t give glory to God: who have no wisdom because they don't fear or obey God, who assume they are God and do whatever they want to do with no accountability. They don’t stand for the truth: they love power, money, sex, and they are arrogant. These are their motives for leadership. They care very little about the people they are called to lead, or have compassion to help them achieve their destinies and goals. These kinds of leaders are creating oppressive regimes across nations of the world: Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Central America, Russia, etc. America is having her own political turbulence.

In the history of the world, we have had such leaders who were arrogant and will not give God the glory. They behaved like they were God, and were humiliated and humbled. In the reign of powerful king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon - 605-562 BC, Babylonian empire that conquered many nations. King Nebuchadnezzar made history, built many historic places that stood for decades: "Hanging Walls of Babylon," brought many nations to nothing, and demanded his subjects worship him as God. He boasted of his achievements: "Is this not the kingdom that I built." That angered God, and the king was led into the wilderness mentally deranged for 7 years. He was completely humiliated. When he came out, he said this:

“Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the king of heaven, all whose works are truth and his ways judgement, and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.” Daniel 4:37

King Nebuchadnezzar built an image and wanted his subjects to worship the image. Jewish exile; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to worship the king’s image. He bundled them in anger into the furnace of fire that was heated 7 times. The people who threw them into the fire were instantly killed. That was how bad the fire was. The king asked the Jewish godly men:

“Who is that your God that can deliver you from my hands?”

God stepped in and delivered Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from being burnt. God sent an angel to protect them. It was a great miracle. That led to spiritual revival in the headen kingdom of Babylon. The king made the God of this men to be worshiped in the heathen kingdom of Babylon.

King Herod during the Roman empire arrayed himself like God and wanted people to worship him. The people said:

“It is a voice of god, not of man.”

Immediately, an angel of God struck him dead, and king Herod was eaten by worms. Acts 12:21-23

1 There is a deep mental agony and pain destroying nations of the world- Core of these problems:

• Exploitation of Third World natural resources:

There is a silent, deep pain and mental anguish ravaging nations of the world, especially in Third World Nations. The nations of the world with the greatest natural resources are the poorest in the world: Congo, Mali, Somali, Sudan, Ukraine, Central America, Libya, etc. These nations are exploited by Western Nations who do regime change if those leaders don’t comply to their desires. Western nations dominate their political systems, and choose who should rule those nations because of their natural resources. Wars are created to perpetuate their interests.

This has fueled the worst refugee crises the world has ever seen. Thousands have perished in Mediterranean Sea and across Europe. Central American crises is fueled by natural resources of the people that has led to wars, and the people loitering everywhere, seeking shelters as refugees and migrants. Ukraine has had so much turbulence and exploitation: it is all about natural resources. These situations are creating poverty and inequality across nations of the world. Children don’t go to school anymore in some of these nations. Congo that has the greatest natural resources of the world is so poor, and people are dying in poverty. These situations are created by Western nations.

2 Oppressive Regimes of the world: Nations oppressing their own people:

• Look at Syria, thousands have perished and fled the country. No Western leader has been interested in stopping the bloodshed, rather they are all investing in arms sale that brings them billions of dollars: Britain, Russia, America, France, Germany, etc. They don’t want the war to end. Thousands are perishing in Yemen, including thousands of children. No Western nation has intervened. It is America, backing Saudi Arabia to do this catastrophic events. These are the things creating refugee and migrant crises. It is Western nations creating this, with oppressive leaders of Third World nations who hate their own people.

Such a thing will not happen in Western nations. One person dies, they make noise about, yet the war they are creating is killing thousands and millions of people all over the world. Rohingya Conflict has destroyed thousands of people, what has been done about these things? Nothing. They are not Western nations.

3 Solutions:

• In 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt proposed the four freedoms in the future of undeveloped nations: “ Freedom from want everywhere in the world. Roosevelt elaborated on the advantages to America of encouraging other people to raise their productivity, their living standard, and their purchasing power. It would mean greater safety from attack and from war and would encourage the development of democracy.”

Should this policy be adopted by American
presidents and world leaders, they will be less war,
refugee and migrant crises, poverty and inequality
ravaging nations of the world; and all these chaos
and turbulence seen across nations of the world.

Why don’t future American political leadership adopt this grand and godly injunction? This will make our world a better place.

• Leadership entails accountability, and sometimes death.

Jesus laid the foundation for leadership. As His disciples cajoled for leadership and fought who will be the leader, Jesus said this to them:

“Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority over them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister. And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant. Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and give his life a ransom to many.”

Here Jesus laid the foundation for leadership. In a time and age where everyone wants to be a political leader, a spiritual leader opening up churches everywhere, the Lord says:

Leadership is not about money, power, arrogance, sex, etc., it is about:

1 Service- servanthood
2 It is about ministering to others in genuine kindness and humility.
3 It is trying to understand their needs and help them reach their goals and destinies
4 It is not authoritarian regime, crushing the lives of people to attain your arrogant power and desire.
5 It is not about the leader, but about giving God the glory in what you are doing as a leader: spiritual or political.
6 It is humility, the leader faces out and becomes compassionate to the cry and needs of the people.
7 The leader may suffer death, as Jesus laid His life a ransom for many. The leader may face death at any time.
8 Many leaders have lost their lives trying to lead the people they love- their subjects.
9 Leadership entails great accountability and responsibility.
10 When the leader steps down, your record follows you.

A song writer says:

“Fading away like the stars of the morning
Losing their light in the glorious day
Thus we will pass from this earth and its toiling
Only remembered by what we have done”

4 Warning:

Humans are not here on earth only to make money, have fun and die. God made us for a greater purpose for His glory. Everybody can’t be a politician. It is not a place to make money, arrogance, exhibition of power, or your money, sex, etc. It is a place of huge responsibility and accountability. It is not a place for everybody.

When you know the Lord as Savior, He gives you direction on why you are here on earth. People are born for a purpose. Many leaders are heartless and lack compassion. Political leadership or spiritual is not a place for you when you lack compassion and ruthless.. Seek to know what God ordained you for. Everybody wants to be a politician to make money. This is why our world is so messed up. Some people want to pass leadership position to their children, even when those children are not interested in that, and don’t know anything about leadership.

I love to write. I knew I was going into Journalism and have my publishing company when I was young. If I am not writing or reading, I become miserable. I know this is my destiny. I am born to write. Despite all the hardship I went through in 2018, I was able to publish a new book by God's grace: "What Makes A Woman Beautiful?" Seek to know what God ordained you for. Everybody wants to be a politician for the money or power?

Look at our political instability in America:

1 Congress has not been able to pass legitimate laws that help the people for years. Both democrats and republicans are locked up in bitter political affiliation fight. Nobody stands for the truth to glorify God.

• No gun control that kills thousands of Americans every year. Everyday, somebody is shot in America or mass shooting.
• No healthcare for the poor-something that is crucial to live your live.
• No immigration reform that could help millions who make billions for American economy. Politicians come in, they lie and make immigration their platform, but never do anything for the people. It is all empty political rhetoric.
• No compassion for the needs of the poor. Everything that helps the poor is removed. The poor are lazy, and you don’t know you the rich can become poor any minute in life.
• There is so much inequality and poverty in America now.
• Homelessness, elderly sleeping on streets or shelters, etc.
• Then you see people boasting of their millionaire and billionaire status. Did you think God just gave you the money for your friends and family, or just to waste in political campaign you know you won’t win? You don’t know you will give an account of that money someday to God who gave it to you?

*There is so much hate, racism, division in America now. Can Congress solve the problem? The leader affects the lives of people through his or her own life. What you are as a leader affects the lives of others. If you are full of wisdom, understanding, insight, compassionate, it will affect your subjects and those you rule. If you are full of hate and don't like those like you, you will exhibit that in your rule, and it will affect others negatively, and eventually crumble the nation: instead of elevating the nation.

Leadership is not about money, power, political affiliations, arrogance, sex, etc. Only the truth, standing for the truth, regardless of the outcome can salvage America and the world from plunging into Third World Nuclear War. We must change our ways politically and otherwise for the glory of God in these turbulent and uncertain times we live in, or face the consequences of Third War nuclear War.

Rev. Uche Ikpa.

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