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Traversing Cambridge

Traversing Cambridge

Take a 'you day' and explore Cambridge with this mini map of ideas!

  • Posted on: 16 April 2015
  • By: kmacher

Imagine this. You wake up to the sound of birds chirping, the sun shining on your face, and a full day ahead of you. Only thing is, you have no plans. You try ringing a few friends to see if they want to take advantage of this beautiful day with you, but they all decline, citing ‘work’ or ‘going to the dentist.’ You find this strange because its a Saturday, but what do you know, some people are very passionate about maintaing healthy teeth. So with no options in mind you decide to take a ‘you day’ and discover Cambridge on your own time.

It might be true however that you don’t have any ideas for your, ‘you day’. If so, here’s a handy mini map of things to do, ranging from delicious restaurants to window shopping, and maybe a little history to even it out.

The first step in any ‘you day’ is to put on some walking shoes, because exploring Cambridge is no easy feat. Once that’s done you’ll find that you’ve used a lot of energy on getting ready and all you’ll want to do is eat. So why not head over to John Harvard's, for some fantastic brunch? Not only are they located right in Harvard Square, but they happen to have a great brewery and delicious home fries.

Next on the list is to explore Harvard Square a little. It has an incredibly diverse set of attractions, ranging from cute boutiques to adorable coffee shops. Plus, if you want to rest your feet, you can catch a classic or independent movie at Brattle Theater. This can be followed up with a quick pop in to the local Ben and Jerry’s to enjoy some ice cream.




If you’re looking to mix a little sightseeing with that ice cream why not catch a local tour of Harvard and its surrounding areas, with one of the many companies offering tours. Or if you’d rather show yourself around, make your way throughthe beautiful Harvard Campus, where you’ll eventually find the Memorial Church of Harvard. It has a great deal of history and the inside is absolutely gorgeous.



Of course don’t forget to catch one of the food trucks that’s stationed outside, for a mid-afternoon snack! If you’d like to end your day with a museum or two, like the Harvard Art Museum, don’t hesitate to check that out.

And finally on the list, make your way to the Charles River, with a beautiful view of Boston and the water. Its a sight worth seeing, especially on the end of a great ‘you day’!


So what do you like to do on your ‘you day’ in Cambridge? Sound off below for fun ideas that anyone can incorporate into their trip!

(Picture courtesy of BostonByAida)

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