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Cambridge, MA True Justice for Real Estate Tax, Impact Fees, Etc., Lay Only in being Place into Homeless Trust Fund!

Cambridge, MA True Justice for Real Estate Tax, Impact Fees, Etc., Lay Only in being Place into Homeless Trust Fund!

Restore the American Dream Locally for the Homeless with a "Homeless Trust Fund!

  • Posted on: 8 January 2019

Hasson Rashid's Speaks at Cambridge City Hall Meeting Public Comment ( for 1/7/2019 is as Follows:



In regards to POR#4,5,67, I recommend that all of the mention fees (Impact, etc.), taxes (hotel;/motel/municipal, etc.), and 1% Rule (etc.), be placed in a “Homeless Trust Fund.” It is safe for me to state that POR#4,5,6,7 makes reference to all of the proposed and allocated, public funds be designated for the arts. I think that the handling and use of public funding in this way lies on the brink of insanity and criminality( Evil People). That is the elevating and allocating of public funding for the arts over homelessness priorities and needs, is crazy and discriminatory ( Evil People). The state of Massachusetts reported that homelessness has increased by 12% statewide, and it has been locally determined that homelessness has increased by 6% locally. To restore the American Dream locally for the homeless, a “Homeless Trust Fund” should be set in place to receive the public funding from the revenue and resources mentioned in POR#4,5,6,7.

That holds true for POR#10 also. You policy maker’s offer no real long range solutions here in Cambridge, MA for dealing with ending homelessness locally ( Evil People). It seems that you are hoarding these streams of potential and allocated, public funding in the name of arts ( Evil People). Every right minded social scientist in Cambridge should be appalled at this. Again, to place art initiatives over living homeless priorities doesn’t make civilized economic sense ( Evil People). Also, it isn’t good common economic sense to turn the potential “Real Estate Transfer Fees” over to the Affordable Housing Trust (AHT), in the name of addressing the “Affordable Housing Crisis here in Cambridge, MA (Evil People). Affordable Housing here in Cambridge doesn’t directly and specifically, mean building new homeless housing from the ground up. From past experiences here in Cambridge, MA, it is plain to see that affordable housing to the AFT doesn’t mean below market rate affordable homeless housing (Evil People). The AFT has never in its history allowed the homeless to weigh in on it’s decision making or allowed them their citizen participation rights, etc.( Evil People). These are act’s that lie on the brink of insanity and discrimination (Evil People). Even now I don’t think that the AHT has plans to allow the homeless a seat and participation at it’s table ( Evil People). The AHT won’t even advocate for the use of public owned parcels to be used for extremely low income homeless housing (Evil People). Another of a number of growing reasons that these fees and taxes, etc., should be place in a “Homeless Trust Fund.”.

Finally, I say once again “Help to Restore the American Dream for the Local Homeless Sector and Mosaic, In Support of a “Homeless Trust Fund.” Thank You.

Yours In Peace
Hasson Rashid
Cambridge, MA
City Hall, Council Advocacy/Advocate
January 7, 2019

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