Special: Alewife Sewer Separation Project

About 20 years ago, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority made a commitment to work on 35 projects throughout the area to reduce the amount of combined sewer overflows going towards the Boston Harbor. After many years of hardship, residents and visitors can enjoy the new streets and sidewalks, new street trees, and many improvements for pedestrians, bicyclists, and all users on our West Cambridge streets. Thank you West Cambridge for being an amazing community partner during this process. Cambridge’s Alewife Sewer Separation project involved installing over 10 miles of new drain and sewer infrastructure, improving over 15 miles of sidewalks and 7.5 miles of roadway, and adding over 150 new pedestrian ramps. This piece was produced by Cambridge Community Television for the City of Cambridge, MA.

Date and Time: 
Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 4:18pm
5.57 minutes