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New Year, New Beginning: Move On. God Is A Good God: Learn From Your Failures.

New Year, New Beginning: Move On. God Is A Good God: Learn From Your Failures.

New year, new resolve: whether you failed to reach your goal, tragedies hindered your purpose, you committed a crime, move on.

  • Posted on: 2 January 2019
  • By: ucheikpa

New Year, New Beginning: Move On.
God Is A Good God: Learn From Your Failures.

As the new year begins, we make resolutions. We reflect back on how we spent the last year: we ask did we achieve our goals? Did we fail to achieve our goals? What were the hindrances? What were the successes?

Why do we do this? This is because humans are born with a purpose in life. God did not just create us to party, have fun, and die. Humans are born with a purpose. Right back at when I was very young, I knew I was going to have my own publishing company. I was always reading. It is my destiny to write. When I am not writing or reading, I am miserable. When you get to know Jesus as Savior, your purpose or destiny in life becomes more prominent and poignant.

As we get into the new year, don’t let anything hinder you from reaching your goal and destiny ordained for you in life. You must have made fatal mistakes, sinned and did wicked and terrible things, failed woefully, that is alright. Jesus died to forgive our sins, and deliver us from the grip of sin. Sin creates fear in our lives, and destroys our purposes and plans.

Whatever hindered you from reaching your goal, by God’s grace, determine to move on. If you committed a terrible sin: murder, stole, lied, cheated, adultery, fornication, child molester, etc., ask the Lord to forgive you. Tell Him you are sorry, and He will forgive. The Holy Spirit will come and empower you to stop sinning. My own goal for 2019 is: “Stay away from any sin or wickedness and be blameless; listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and obey Him; and completely immense yourself in God’s service for His glory. Many a time in life, we waste our time on the material that has no eternal value. We think money, sex, and power are the gods we must worship.

But the Scripture warns:

"For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away and the lust thereof, but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever." 1 John 216&17

Set your goal on eternal value like knowing the Lord as Savior; and on realizing the purpose why you are on earth. Everyone has a purpose and reason why God created them. Seek desperately to find the purpose for your life, so you can enrich your community and the world.

Move on, whether you failed or not; you committed terrible sin or not, whatever was the hindrance of failure, move on. I wish you a wonderful new year enriched with God’s blessings, His favors, and the fulfillment of your dreams and purpose in life.


New year & New Resolve

New year, like a new day
We wake up fresh and refreshed
Ready for the challenges ahead
Forgetting the past and learning from it
We realize and understand
We don’t have to venture in fear

The Lord Jesus holds our hands
And beckons us to follow Him
He will get us to His will
As we follow in obedience to His will


Move On, No Matter What:

Move on,
No matter what
Tragedy offsets our lives
Plans are shattered
Loved ones die
Children disappoint us
Parents are taken away
Close friends desert us
Divorce destroy marriages
Future plans lost in dreams
Good jobs are suddenly taken away

move on
Tragedy squeezes the best n us
Like we squeeze out
The juices we love
Tragedy strengthens our faith
And leads to wisdom
The way designed by Go
So we are more like Him

Rev. Uche Ikpa.


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