Mad Mad 3D World: Intro to 3D Environment Design

Mad Mad 3D World: Intro to 3D Environment Design

The real world can sometimes stink.

Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 6:00pm

The real world can sometimes stink. That’s why you should learn how to build your own dream world--in 3D! Join us for “Mad Mad 3D World” to learn the basics of 3D design using Maya Autodesk, which is a leading 3D animation and design software. In this course you will build your own 3D environment, which you will texture using Photoshop. Your creation will have no limits aside from your imagination. Students who participate in this course will be on their way to many things--including building worlds fit for Virtual Reality!

Pre-requisites: FCP or Premiere Bootcamp

2 sessions - Sunday & Monday - March 3rd & 4th - with Xia Rondeau

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