Cambridge, MA's Public Funds Once Again Denied to Ease Homelessness (11/26/18)!

Cambridge, MA's Public Funds Once Again Denied to Ease Homelessness (11/26/18)!

Another Sad Moment in Cambridge's, Homeless Laundry Truck and Other PB Basic Needs Homeless Projects Eliminated from PB Ballot Proposals!

  • Posted on: 26 November 2018

Peace Be Unto You,

Dear Cambridge,MA

Cambridge continue kicking the can down the road. As you know, public funding is a key to every community’s effort to end homelessness. Once again the forces that be has turn it's back on basic homeless needs. In this foremost and recent case, I'm referring to the Participatory Budgeting (PB) Project here in Cambridge, MA and it's fifth phases or local installment. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against PB process, I feel that this years budgeting delegates and city experts, that vetted the submitted PB project ideas were nebulously out of concord with local, state, and federal advocacy to address homelessness as a leading municipal priority and need. By the elimination of The "Homeless Laundry Truck" project proposal and other project proposals that related to easing homelessness with PB public funds, lays on the brink of an unpardonable disservice to our local homelessness sector and mosaic. This year’s PB Budget Delegates and City Experts are buying further into the Arts and Sciences of homeless exclusion. Only God knows if their actions can be reversed in the future.

I ask myself how can they all be so insensitive and callous, to the basic homelessness needs such as those and others, submitted for PB Public Funding 2018. In the "FINDING SOLUTIONS TO HOMELESSNESS IN CAMBRIDGE; RECOMMENDATIONS FROM THE CAMBRIDGE CHARRETTE ON HOMELESSNESS of September 2015, in recommendation item 4C it states the following: "Explore opportunities within the City’s Participatory Budgeting(PB) process to support our community’s homeless response systems (Charrette Recommendation 4C). I'm certain that the city experts working with the Budget Delegates knew this, but I'm uncertain if the conveyed this and other recommendations on homeless to them, in the course of their participation and input into the PB process. I also say it was undemocratic to excluded homelessness projects initiatives in the manger that they were excluded in the official vetting process.

Homelessness regardless of whether anyone here in Cambridge admitted it or not is the most pressing community benefits need, everyone should join in addressing the complexity of basic homeless needs such as the Homeless Laundry Truck, etc., entered as PB Project Ideas for 2018 round of Public Funding Competition. How can any sensible person(s) rest in peace knowing that the most vulnerable members of our community has been passed over once again for leaser urgent project objectives. How can the city manager rest in his office or the city council, knowing that again the opportunity to use public funding to ease area homelessness has once again been circumvented. This is another example of how the local powers that be are weak or lack the political will when it comes to uplifting our homeless citizens and residents.

This year’s PB Process has done more to help displace homeless folks than to uplift them and to help get them off the streets. The PB process and city experts has done nothing this year to support or community's homeless response systems. This year the PB process will be among other community entities withholding resources that are instrumental in depriving the homeless of public entitlements, like health benefits ( “Laundry Truck Project,” etc.,) and other basics. Only a strong social force can help in fighting the menace of homelessness and poverty.

City of Cambridge Cambridge's
City Council Meeting November 26, 2018 (

Yours In Peace
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
City Hall/ Council/ Legislative Advocacy
Social Policy Advocate
CCTV Human Service News and Information TV Program

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