Cambridge,MA City Council Meeting; Hasson Rashid Speaks During Public Comment Period (11/5/18)!

Cambridge,MA City Council Meeting; Hasson Rashid Speaks During Public Comment Period (11/5/18)!

The City Garage RFP Proposal is Jumping the Gun, in Unfairness to Addressing Homelessness, when Land Opportunities are Present to do so!

  • Posted on: 5 November 2018

Peace Be Unto You,

Dear City Council ( my public comment is all about CMA# 11,12; PO/RL# 3,4, and any other agenda items that relate directly and indirectly to homelessness.

I’m on officially record here at city hall, in the past for declaring on several occasions that something or things, are nebulous with municipal policy making when it came to the Sullivan Court House, Volpe Center Properties, and the Foundry Building. It is widely known now that these venues and aspects thereof were government white elephant properties. I begged the city council on many occasions to utilize these properties to address homelessness. The city’s policy makers problems then and now, were and still are that they wanted to fast tract sales, etc., in favor of developers etc. At times I even went on official record explaining how our municipal policy makers and administrators were in violation of city ordnance #2.110, and other public ordinances, and fair housing considerations for the homeless.

The city garage is another example of a white elephant that can be use to address homelessness concerns if the municipal policy makers, etc., so choose. Jumping the gun again by calling a for RFP is another example of not being fairly in favor of addressing homelessness issue when the land opportunities. is present to do so. This jumping the gun has extended out to circumventing the work of that the master planning entities Envision, etc., are engaged in. Again you municipal policy makers are doing Cambridge and its well thinking citizenry and residents wishes to address and end homelessness a disservice.

What happen to your commitment to the homeless Charrette Summit Recommendations, in which you are eons away from beginning to fulfill. What about your promise to fulfill the best interest of the public, and to utilize vacant public property for Affordable Homeless and Poverty housing. You are diverting municipal energy and resources, away in an alien direction, you are also failing in letting the Envision process run it’s full course undisturbed, and this is also part of the nebulousness, that I have been referring to on many occasions, that is not a part of the city master planning processes. It is pure disparate impact on your part. Thank you.

Yours In Peace,
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
November 5, 2018
Cambridge, MA