Hasson Rashid Speak's During Cambridge.MA City Council Public Comment Period (10/15/18)!

Hasson Rashid Speak's During Cambridge.MA City Council Public Comment Period (10/15/18)!

Nothing is Definitely Forth Coming or Included Concerning the Futuristic Specifics on Ending Homeless/Extremely Low Income Poverty Housing!

  • Posted on: 16 October 2018


HELLO EVERYBODY, I’M HASSON RASHID, I RESIDED AT 820 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, MY PUBLIC COMMENT TODAY IS IN REFERENCE TO CMA# 1,9,10,14; CHR#1,3;CR#1,and PO#6, Com Rep from other Cities, and any other City Council(http://mediahttp.iqm2.com/CambridgeMA/1954_480.mp4) Agenda items that directly and indirectly, relates to the Homelessness Umbrella.

If I have it correctly Cambridge is in the process and nearing the final stages of its draft and spawns of master planning, yet nothing is definitely forth coming or included concerning the futuristic specifics on ending Homeless Extremely Low Income Poverty Housing in the local master planning affair. I feel as many other do that the city’s primary responsibility, and main priority is to close the affordable homeless housing gap. Securing homeless housing from the ground up is more important than the $$5,000,000 that has been or being allotted or already considered for the Inman Square fiasco, when the city manager has just recommended only ($11,900) to provide affordable housing, revitalize neighborhoods, and expand economic opportunities to low and moderate - income persons, thus jumping the gun on master planning without important public input. How many homeless peoples will this $11,900 take off of the streets permanently?

This is proof that the city is being covetous when it comes to homeless housing construction and development initiatives, and diverting government (local, state, federal) funding initiatives away from homeless housing priorities, etc. The local homeless sector and mosaic initiatives are in greater need than that of the Inman Square Intersection Improvements and similar public works initiatives. The need for a Homelessness Trust Fund social equity program is greater than the need for a Cannabis Social Equity Program.

The Cambridge Housing Authority doesn’t allow public comment at it commission meeting, thus limiting public participation in the decisions making process. The city has failed to address this also. Cambridge’s Master planning is being off settled, and pick apart by nebulous vested interest. I believe that every student and educator of the social sciences can testify in the affirmative to these truths, if made known to them. Thank you. http://cambridgema.iqm2.com/Citizens/SplitView.aspx?Mode=Video&MeetingID....

Yours In Peace
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
Cambridge, MA

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