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Politics: Not A Place Of Financial Gain, But Of Humility & Service

Politics: Not A Place Of Financial Gain, But Of Humility & Service

Politics is not a place of financial enrichment: but of humility, service, great responsibility, and heavy accountability.

  • Posted on: 13 September 2018
  • By: ucheikpa

As I look at our chaotic and turbulent world, I cry out to God to have mercy on us because we have sinned. I lay these chaos and turbulence ravaging our world at the feet of political leaders, both in Western Nations and Third World Nations.

Look at Syria where thousands have perished, and Yemen the same. Before then, it was Iraq and Libya: thousands have fled Central America, Ukraine, African nations, Middle East, etc. We are witnessing refugee crises like during the Second World War, and many have perished in Mediterranean Sea.

No Western leader has tried to stop these atrocities affecting mostly children and women being slaughtered. Many Western nations: America, France, Britain, Russia, Germany, etc., are enriching themselves with sophisticated arms sale worth billions, as long as the war is not fought in their nations. If one person dies in these nations, it becomes top news, but thousands are perishing across the nations of the world.

• Root cause of these problems?

What is the root cause of these problems? It is human greed and lies. It is the search for natural resources: who controls the riches of Third World Nations? The nations with the greatest natural resources of the world are the poorest and most turbulent areas in the world: African nations, Somali, Sudan, Republic of Congo, Mali, Libya, etc. In the Middle East: it is Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates. Ukraine and Central America are also embroiled and exploited in the ruthless arms trade. Many have fled their nations. Who controls these natural resources have led to ruthless exploitation by Western leaders, and aided by Third World political inhumane leaders who oppress their own people and careless about them. The result is war created by these political leaders, who see leadership in terms of financial gain only. The Third World leaders who will not yield to Western persuasions, regime change annihilates them: and a puppet leader takes over. The same nations destroyed by war, flood to those nations who exploited and destroyed them. Reason: whatever you sow, you reap. That is God’s law.

• How can these atrocities, wars, refugee crises ravaging our world be stopped?

1 Don’t go into politics for financial desire or interest:

As I look at our political system, and of other nations, you see many who view politics as a place of financial enrichment, power, sex, and arrogance. No, this is a place of great responsibility and accountability. Year in and year out, political campaigners lie, tell the people what they want to hear, and when they step sown, the people’s condition remains the same. You rarely can find a politician who stands for the truth.

Congress for many years have not been able to achieve anything in terms of helping solve desperate needs of the people: immigration, healthcare, failed gun control that has killed thousands of Americans, race problems increasing, women are still fighting for pay- leave and equality, etc. Rather it is war and war all over the world: and spending billions on war, instead of using the money to uplift America. Many are very poor in America, but the rich are getting richer. Everything that helps the poor has been dismantled. God loves the poor. Many are in drugs and committing suicide in America.

The Scripture says:

“He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth His maker, he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor.”

2 These atrocities must be stopped ravaging the world by Western nations. Can Western nations that got together and destroyed Iraq and Libya not able to come together again, and stop the atrocities ravaging Syria and Yemen; where children and women are dying in unimaginable number? Even the money that helps the poor Palestinians who are oppressed by Israel has been canceled and withdrawn. Who has sanctioned Israel for oppressing the Palestinians whose children can’t even go to school? If that is happening in Israel, that will result to World War: yet, nobody challenges Netanyahu’s government of his atrocities. These things are not right before God. God hates oppression of the poor, regardless of who perpetrates it: Jew or Gentile, black or white. "God is no respecter of persons. In every nation, whoever does his will is accepted before him." That is what the Scripture says.

Congo that has some of the world’s greatest natural resources, millions are living in great poverty, and Western nations are enriching themselves with the people’s resources: their foolish leaders can’t help their own people. If these wickedness are not stopped, we are heading to Third World Nuclear War.

3 Political leaders should emulate past leaders like President Franklin Roosevelt. He said as the leader of the world, United States must set an example to serve. “President Roosevelt proposed the four freedoms in 1941 in the future of Undeveloped Countries: freedom from want everywhere in the world. Roosevelt elaborated on the advantages to America of encouraging other people to raise their productivity, their living standard, and their purchasing power. It would mean greater safety from attack and from war, and would encourage the development of democracy.” Staley Eugene: "The Future of Undeveloped Countries."

Look at Mandala on Apartheid how he laid his life to stop segregation in South Africa. Leaders like Nehemiah in the Scriptures. In the hardest, turbulent, and most shameful time in Jewish history - the exile when Israel lost their beautiful Jerusalem and where in ridicule in a foreign land. Nehemiah a godly compassionate leader wept, fasted 4 days before God, and found favor before the king. Under the heavy burden for his people, he took the risk through the power of God’s grace to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem. Look at Esther in the Scriptures. Instead of watching Jewish people annihilated in a foreign land, she laid her life to save her people: "If I perish i perish."

These men and women were deeply motivated by love to elevate and help the people they served: not for financial gain, or political power, or arrogance, or love for sex that motivates modern political leaders. These leaders were men and women of wisdom and vision.

The Scripture says: “Where the people have no vision, they perish.” Vision is grounded on what the Scripture lays on God’s word- the truth. That is what saves a nation or it collapses. When a nation lives without God’s laws, that nation crumbles and falls. In America today, we are living without God’s laws and discipline. Politics is based on money, sex, power, and arrogance: ordinary men and women are living without moral discipline, and everyone is living the way they want in the name of freedom and democracy. If you speak out, you are censured or destroyed.

In modern American politics, John McCain influenced American politics in extraordinary and significant way. He stood for the truth, regardless of political affiliations, or whoever was involved. That kind of leadership gives God the glory. As I watched his funeral, I prayed more American politicians would emulate his fearless stand for the truth when things critical faced the nation. He was an exceptional leader.

We are living in uncertain times in the history of the world. We are almost plunging into Third World Nuclear World War, and many political or spiritual leaders don’t know this. They have no vision, wisdom, understanding, and insight to comprehend this. I am constantly on my knees pleading with God to have mercy on us, and forgive our wickedness and sin. He will because it is not His will to destroy the sinner. God came to give humanity life-black and white: but the devil came to kill, steal and destroy.


Political oppression

In an oppressed society
Justice cries deep within
The cry of mental torture
Like a captive, the mind is chained
Longing for freedom
You can’t hold it
You can’t suppress it


The human mind was not created to be chained
It is the cry of freedom akin to the human mind
It is the cry that never quells
It must find expression or it bursts
It is the cry of revenge
It is the cry of twisted truth and lies
It is the cry of bondage
Like the steam, it must find an outlet


It is the cry of freedom
Grounded and embedded in truth
For truth is freedom

Rev. Uche Ikpa.


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