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Where does our water come from?

Where does our water come from?

Come on a behind the scene tour of the Fresh Pond water purification facility.

Have you ever wondered where your Cambridge water comes from? Worried if your water is safe to drink? Why not find out by taking a free tour of the Cambridge water department. I was curious to learn more so, I took the tour.

During the tour, I was allowed to see the big machines that clean our water. They had a huge multipart machine that sifted the brown algae from the water supply. Then we were guided to the lab, where all the testing happens to see if our water is safe to drink. During the tour, the three guides that worked there kindly answered our many questions. The conclusion I came away with is that Cambridge water is pretty safe. They use Brita filters to keep the water clean. When they have a problem with the water, it is usually from too much salt caused by winter salt runoff. We were also told that many people in Cambridge have problems with their house piping. He told us that we need to make sure that we have copper water pipes. If not, your pipes can get moldy and rusty over time. If you're worried about your water, the Cambridge water department offers free testing for all Cambridge residents.

To book a tour see see this pamphlet on the Walter J. Sullivan water purification facility tour.