The Biggest Party in Cambridge!

The Biggest Party in Cambridge!

The annual party of the year in Cambridge is the Cambridge Dance Party!

The annual party of the year in Cambridge is the Cambridge Dance Party! It was a free annual event that happened June 29th between 7 to 12 p.m. The annual party is always located at City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Ave, Central Square. Every year Massachusetts Ave is closed between Prospect and Bigelow streets during the party. The start of this party originally started in 1996 as part of the 150th anniversary of the city Cambridge, but this event was created to celebrate the Cambridge community, and serve as a kickoff to summer.

I had the opportunity to talk to Maryellen Carvello who organizes and oversees the annual party on behalf of the city’s managers office. “This is the 21st year of the Dance Party and I still enjoy the buzz and excitement that always seems to surround this event,” said Carvello.

The party involved a lot of planning and coordination with multiple City departments and a few external vendors for lighting design and sound. She stated that it takes the combined teamwork of so many City departments and employees to continue to make this event the great success it has been. Carvello also stated that she worked with a lighting designer to develop a spectacular display of colorful lights that splashes across the front of Cambridge City Hall. She additionally added spotlights to the event that signal the wave of crowds that make their way from both ends of Massachusetts Ave toward the Dance Party.

I asked her what the best/worst thing to deal with when planning this event, and Carvello stated that she always worries when the forecast calls for rain, but over the years they have been lucky every time.

“So many people love this event and I enjoy being a part of this great community celebration,” said Carvello. This year around 20,000 people came to the dance party in front of the City Hall. As I attended the dance party myself this Friday, I truly felt that the spirit of Cambridge was at its peak this year. I then asked Carvello if she thought if the spirit was growing as this dance party went on, and she stated that this past year, the crowd started to gather and grow earlier in the evening to kick off a night of dancing.

Anywhere from families, couples, groups of friends or even individuals would come onto the dance floor. She also stated that it is entertaining to see the young people who stop by to show off their street dancing skills. I also agree that is was entertaining to watch people from every age just drop everything and dance. Ultimately the whole experience was a exciting and I hope each year keeps on thriving.