"Public Commenting at Cambridge City Hall Meeting Concerning Homelessness,Etc."

"Public Commenting at Cambridge City Hall Meeting Concerning Homelessness,Etc."

"Homelessness is being Locked Out and Excluded, from Official Consideration of being a Protected Class Here in Cambridge,MA."

  • Posted on: 29 June 2018

Peace and Sanity Be Unto You:

On Monday Night (June 25,2018) Cambridge's City Council Meeting (www.http://cambridgema.iqm2.com/Citizens/SplitView.aspx?Mode=Video&MeetingID...), during the Public Comment period, I was finally able to present my public comment after experiencing some rude person kicking at my heels from behind the microphone. Another rude incident of note was the Recent Shooting of a Homeless Man ( http://cambridge.wickedlocal.com/news/20180620/cambridge-police-homeless...) here in Cambridge. This is another example of why Homelessness should be made a "Protected Class," the subject of my public comment. My presentation was and is a follows, word for word:

Peace Be Unto You,

Hello Everybody, I’m Hasson Rashid, I reside at 820 Massachusetts Avenue, My public comment is on CMA Agenda Item# 11,12, and any other agenda items that directly or indirectly pertains to Homelessness.

The transmission of the proposed amendments to two ordinances at the request of the Executive Director of the Cambridge Human Rights Commission (CHRC), under Chapter 2.76 of the Cambridge Municipal Code (the “Human Rights Ordinance,” and Chapter 14.04 of the Cambridge Municipal Code (the “Fair Housing Ordinance”), for and by the City Manager, is being rendered prematurely, as long as homelessness is being locked out or excluded, from official consideration of being a Protected Class here in Cambridge. These two amendments do nothing to help homeless people get help when they need it. If enacted the homeless will still be denied help when they try to file a "Fair Housing Discriminatory Complaint," etc., with the CHRC mainly for being homeless. In the past the CHRC has denied help because the homeless are not a government or federally protected class.

I have approached the city several times in the past to make Homelessness a Protected Class, here at City Council Meetings. Around July 28, 2015 I gave testimony at a Joint Committee on Housing Public Hearing at the State House, relating to Making Homelessness a Protected Class. On or around March, 12, 19; January 23, 25 2017, I did the same here in the City Council Chambers, on or around October 26,2017, I submitted a Proposal Letter and Petition to the City Council to make Homelessness a Protected Class, as of yet I haven’t received any feedback or response from our municipal policy makers concerning this. The Proposal Letters and Petitions submissions, I guest are still setting on the desks of our municipal policy makers gathering dust, if they haven’t all ready undergone a trashing of my efforts, just like I assume my proposal and petition, for a Homeless Trust Fund and Advisory Tasked Force has been negated.

Finally, these two proposed amendments if officially realized or not are part and parcel, of the wide spread exclusion of the homeless existing in Cambridge’s Housing, Employment Arenas, etc., especially in how they circumvent any specific mention or participation of certain element of the homeless mosaic and sector, and their universal human rights not to be discriminated against in any way, form, or fashion. The City of Cambridge is losing a lot of money not having its act adequately together when it pertains to the legitimate rights of the local homelessness segment of the community. Piecemeal and Tokenism of and for the local homeless sector and mosaic won’t do.

This current municipal administration should wake up and get its homeless act to gather, while there is still time to do so. Specific homelessness proposals and amendments, to the Human Rights Ordinance and the Fair Housing Ordinances, are part of the way to do so, but the rest depends on the strength of the collective “Political Will” of our municipal policy makers, to cross the stream with the homeless, and not turn back for any reasons. Thank You.


Yours In Peace, Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
Cambridge, MA/ June 25, 2018

Yours In Peace and Sanity,
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
Cambridge, MA
June 29, 2018

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