Justice & Righteousness: Only Hope To Find Favor With God In These Turbulent Times

Justice & Righteousness: Only Hope To Find Favor With God In These Turbulent Times

If each of us will seek to do what is just and right, God will look down from heaven, and restore peace back to our turbulent world.

There is a desperate need for spiritual revival today in the world. There is no one like our living God. There is no one so patient, so compassionate, so gracious like our living God. God is so merciful to the sinner loaded with sin; God is so merciful to the believer who has fallen from grace. Look at our turbulent, chaotic and uncertain world, we can’t tolerate each other. The core of this chaos all over the world is arrogance of men and women who feel they are the ruler of the world, and ignore the principles and laws of God: who ignore the voice of their conscience to do what is just and right.

King David in the Scripture says:

“Should God mark iniquity, who among us will stand before him?”

King David continues:

“The mercy of God is everlasting.”

That mercy is still following us and pleading with all of us to do what is just and right: whether you are a politician, king or pauper, business tycoon, millionaire, billionaire, ordinary individual, famous, etc. This is because God’s mercy sometimes times out, and then comes judgment. Sometimes, His judgement can be humiliating and catastrophic. In the history of the world, we have been in this situation before-the fading of empires. When God’s warning is ignored, God moves in to end an empire.

1 How desperate we need spiritual revival in these turbulent times in the history of the world.

God says:

“If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways: I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

The church of God is in a state of apostasy. The church supposed to reach out to a turbulent world is doing her own thing. When the church is weak, it is the result of what is going on in the world today. God uses His people to bless, restore peace and tranquility in times like this. The first stipulation is:
2 Chronicles 7:14:

• Humble themselves:

It is not easy to be humble. The opposite is arrogance which God hates immensely. The Hebrew word is Chron: to humble oneself before God.

Shapel: to be low, become low, be humiliated, be abased.

But who wants to be humble and repent of their sins? Our world is ruled by powerful, political, corporate, spiritual, men and women[ who feel they have a right to do whatever they want to do; who arrogantly boast of who they are; who take the glory of God; who want to rule by all means even when it is not the will of God for them; who boast of their money and think money is everything in life; and sometimes forget how destitute they were before they came into power. One of the requirements for spiritual awakening is humility- be abased.

• Pray:

What does it mean to pray?

Pray-prayer: The Hebrew word is palal to pray, to intervene, to mediate.

Noun is tepillah -prayer means to make a request which when referring to asking God is translated prayer. (Vine Concise Dictionary).

So when we pray, we come to God to intervene and make a request. In this case, our request is to ask Him to forgive our sins, intervene in our situation, and bring peace back to America and the world. (Vine Concise Dictionary).

• Seek my face:

The Hebrew word for seek: verb is baqash: to seek, search, consult, to find something that is lost or missing, at least, whose location is missing. (Vine Concise Dictionary).

Have we not lost our way to peace and tranquility in America and the world? Who wants to live in a world like ours today? Despite all our billions, millions, fame and fortune, high-tech and powerful innovations in everything, we have no peace. People are afraid of being shot, we are plunging to Nuclear World War, Immigration and refugee crises are threatening world stability, race problems are escalating in nations of the world, etc., no peace anywhere. We have lost the way to the light. We are like a group of chicken seeking their mother. Our mother in this case is God, and we have taken the glory that belongs to Him.

• Turn from their wicked ways:

God whose desire has never been to destroy the sinner says:

If we turn away from our wicked ways, He will forgive and heal our land. Do we not need healing in our lives. in our lands?

What is the meaning of wicked?

It is Rasha in Hebrew: ungodly, guilty. The narrow meaning lies in the concept of wrong doing, being in the wrong. It is a legal term, etc. (Vine Concise Dictionary).

If people of God who call upon His name will turn away, or give up their wicked ways: stealing, lying, adultery, fornication, child abusers, arrogance, etc., or whatever sin assails you as a believer in a backslid den stage, God warns: forsake the sin and you will be forgiven.

God also is appealing to the one who lives in sin and boasts about it; has never given his or her life to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as Savior; boasts there is no God, and dabbles into all kinds of secret societies who give them fake power and money; the one who lives in all kinds of sin: lying, sealing, creating all kinds of problems in the world and communities, hating your neighbor, oppressing the poor, creating wars and turbulence; God is also reaching out to you to stop all these wicked actions.

When we listen:

• Then

“I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Don’t you want God to forgive your sins? The Scriptures says:

“There is no peace for the wicked.”

The wicked is the one who does evil things. This is why our world is filled with chaos, turbulence, uncertainties, fear, hate, etc. It is abandonment of God’s laws and principles. We have chosen to do our own thing, instead of listening to God to direct us.

But God says If we forsake our sins, He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land. That healing means He will restore peace back to us; those who need healing will be restored; and those who can’t sleep in the night, who are burdened by guilt and sin they committed will be forgiven. Sin causes sickness, and sometimes sickness unto death. Your life can be cut shot because of sinful actions and wicked life style.

God will heal our turbulent world. There is too much chaos going on in the world. It is affecting everybody. The root cause is sin, wickedness, arrogance, and rejection of God’s will. But God will forgive us if we humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways.

Let us all listen to God before it is too late. That position you are in that exalts your ego, remember God gave it to you for His glory; the money you have, God gave it to you for His glory; whatever you are or have that exalts your ego came from God. Use it for His glory. Are you talented? Use it to honor God, don’t behave like you are God. God can take those things back from you any moment and you will be gone. God is sovereign and in control, not humans.

God will heal our land: American and the world if we will adhere to justice and righteousness each of us. It does not matter who you are: politician, corporate, spiritual, or any kind of leadership you are involved; or you are a pauper or a nonentity, God will forgive and heal our land. He will bring peace back to us, and we can love each other - black or white. Then we can enhance progress all over the world again, instead of ruthless exploitation of each other that causes wars, lack of compassion, hate, suspicion, division, and lies.

Rev. Uche Ikpa.

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