Without Compassion, We are Plunging Closer & Closer To Nuclear World War: America & World

Without Compassion, We are Plunging Closer & Closer To Nuclear World War: America & World

For centuries, empires and kingdoms have crumbled because of oppression of the poor. For human survival, compassion is crucial.

What has destroyed kingdoms, nations and empires is oppression and lack of compassion for the poor by political leaders. For human survival, compassion is crucial. For centuries, nations and empires have risen and crumbled because of oppression of the poor. The empires will continue to rise and fall, until Jesus comes in to set up His everlasting kingdom. In the history of the world: African kingdoms, Persia, Babylonian empire, Judah, Greek, Roman, British empire, Russia, and now American empire. What destroyed these empires? It was corruption and oppression of the poor.

Many kings and political leaders do not understand the special place God has for the poor. In our American culture, we equate poverty with blacks, hand-out, laziness, etc., but we don’t realize many nations are impoverished by corruption in the government and political leaders. Many of the poor are those who fear God and work hard. The Scripture warns:

“He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth His Maker, bur he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor.” Proverbs 14:31

When children and the elderly are abused, and a nation don’t care, we are heading to a dangerous zone: and will incur the anger of God. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was a powerful and arrogant king, who conquered many kingdoms. He oppressed the poor. He exalted himself above God and will not obey the Lord. He built idols and wanted his subjects to worship this idol. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, Jewish exiles at that time refused to worship his idol. He asked who was their God that will deliver them from his hands when he threw them into the furnace of fire to be destroyed? God stepped in, delivered the godly men, and reminded the arrogant king he was a mere human being He created.

God sent His prophet Daniel to warn him to stop oppressing the poor. After his great humiliation through these godly Jewish men, King Nebuchadnezzar was humiliated and humbled. He confessed God was God. We are in the same calamity now. Many nations of the world’s poor are crushed and oppressed by their political leaders, including America.

These are the state of the elderly and the children now in America:

1 “Thousands of elderly, disabled, face eviction from Louisiana nursing home over Medicaid cuts.”
By David Begnaid / CBS: May 9, 2018

Where do you want these elderly people to go? Many of them are crying and weeping now: their future uncertain. They have spent their lives working and building America: now in their old age, they will be expelled from the only place they call home, and die miserably. Is that what we want as a nation? The Scripture says:

“Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.”

A nation that boasts of millions and billions would treat their elderly in contempt. Sooner or later, political campaigners will spend billions and millions in campaigns, but will contemptuously push out and humiliate your own elderly people in the last days of their lives to die in misery. A nation that boasts ‘as the richest nation in the world.’

2 NRA is seeking sanctuary cities to protect their gun money making industry in Chicago; that has destroyed thousand of lives, especially poor black lives. Many children have been destroyed by guns and shooting, and challenging the government to protect them. Are those guns and the money made greater than children whose lives are embedded in fear now: fear of going to school; fear of being shot. Children going to school are not protected anymore. Elderly people are not protected anymore. What is going on? What if these are your own children and parents?

3 “Carson wants the poor to pay more rent, work for assistance.”
CATY O’ DONELL/ 04/25/2018

Everybody looking for help in their rent is not lazy. The rent is going so high and many can’t afford the rent anymore: in a nation where the rich constitutes a little fraction of the people, and the masses are becoming poor, and protesting their horrible plight: and middle class almost wiped out. All the assistance to the poor has been wiped out.

But here is a man who spent thousands of dollars in decorating a dining room that is been probed, yet he is heartless to allow the poor to even have a roof over their head.

Curry Aldrich says:

“I have been homeless 3 times. The problem isn’t drugs, or mental illness- it’s poverty.”

He says he went to college and works for a high-tech company, but he can’t meet up with the low money he is been paid. He is a middle class family.

4 Don Blankenship ‘s Defeat Is A relief To The Families Of Upper Big Branch Miners of West Virginia
Huffpost / O5/09/2018

West Virginia mining disaster:

“Harrah has been living the last 8 years with the Upper Big Branch mining disaster weighing on her brother, Steven Harrah , who along with 28 other men, died in a 2010 catastrophe in Montcoal, West Virginia. A series of Investigations found that the disaster could have been prevented had the mine’s owner Massey Energy not routinely skirted safety regulations and put profit before miner’s lives.”

They are breathing a sigh of relief for a politician whom they have rejected: who must have promised heaven and earth when campaigning, only to get in and they found out it was all rhetoric and political lies. The lives of the people remained the same when he stepped down. That is the lot of politicians today. That is why our world is so messed up.

5 Immigration:

Thousands of dreamers have lost their status who came here, not of their own making. They have grown in American cities and went to school here. Many are well educated and still in school. If you send them back to their parent’s homes, what are they going to do? They do not know anybody where you are sending them to.

Where is your compassion as a government or political leaders?

• 57, 000 Hondurans
• 46, 000 Haitians
• 195,000 Salvadorans

Among these are 273 US born children.

If you separate them from their parents, what do you expect them to do? Fend for themselves as children? Can you put yourself in their shoes and feel what it will be like to treat your own children like that?

Many of these parents and children have lived in US for many years, and are the ones doing all American menial jobs that pay extremely low wages. They are in construction jobs, taking care of American children and elderly, cooking the food you enjoy when you go to the restaurants; they are doing the farming without which Americans won’t be able to eat. These people generate into American economy billions of dollars annually. If you send them away, you also take their social security money, and you send them back to their countries to die in nations oppressing their own people and persecuting them.

Where is your compassion as a government or political leader? These are what destroys empires: oppression of the poor.

6 Refugee crises all over the world & wars:

What is causing the refugee crises and wars all over the world? It is greed, lack of compassion, corruption all over the world.

The most significant thing that has fueled refugee crises and wars is exploitation of Western Nations on Third World natural resources. All of the poorest nations of the world are the greatest with natural resources. Western nations dominate and control these areas in Africa, Middle East, Ukraine, Central America. They do regime change and create wars. Then there is the greatest refugee migration all over the world now. Western leaders collaborate with Third World corrupt leaders to oppress their own people.

For example, President Buhari of Nigeria, not long ago bought millions of ammunition from America. What is he doing with these arms? A nation where Boko Haram has destroyed thousands, what is he saying? What is he doing to stop these atrocities? He visited America recently, did anybody ask him about Boko Haram? All he wants to do is sell the oil to Western Nations. His own Nigerians are crossing into Canada as asylum seekers. Nigeria has been destroyed: one of the greatest nations in the world, with great intellectual brains in the world.

That is the lot of many African nations-oppression by political leaders, who embezzle their countries money, and dump it in Western banks: and no one questions them how they got the money. It is the same in Middle East. Look at Netanyahu oppressing the Palestinians, nobody says anything to him. No World leader has been able to condemn his actions. He is now trying to cause war between Iran and Israel, which can plunge the whole world into World war. He can do anything he wants. He behaves like he is the one keeping Israel. "He that keepeth Israel shall neither sleep nor slumber." God alone has kept Jewish people for centuries from enemies trying to destroy them, not Prime Minister Netanyahu.

If you the Western Nations don’t want these refugees, then adopt Franklin Roosevelt’s policy: He said to America:

“In 194, President Franklin Roosevelt proposed the four freedoms in the future if undeveloped countries: freedom from want everywhere in the world. Roosevelt elaborated on the advantage of America of encouraging other people to raise their productivity, their living standard and their purchasing power. It will mean greater safety from attack and from war, and would encourage the development of democracy.” Staley Eugine: “Future of Undeveloped Countries.

But American modern presidents have not adopted this grand principle, but have fueled wars across the nations of the world, spending billions in wars and sophisticated weapons, which Third World leaders use to oppress their own people; rendering them useless and poor. These people are rendered homeless, their businesses destroyed and families through wars created by Western nations. These people become terrorists, al chaeda, militants, Jihadists, etc. Don’t you know whatever you sow, comes back to hunt you? That is God’s law. You won’t let them into your nations! Then stop the wars and exploitation of these Third World Nations. This is heartless and God is watching.

This is what crumbles a nation. This is what has destroyed previous kingdoms and empires. When mere human beings start behaving like God, arrogant and feel they can do whatever they want to do: lawless and corrupt. Then God steps in to end the empire. Humans are only here to love, worship and glorify God.

7 What is the result of all these? We are closer and closer to Third World Nuclear War. When the wicked refuse to repent, we face the judgement of God. “Whatever a man or a woman sows, he or she reaps.” We are about to reap the rewards of wickedness and sin, unless we repent. They will be accountability someday before God.

Without compassion, we are plunging more and more to Third World Nuclear War. Life without compassion is meaningless. Your political rhetoric and leadership is meaningless and worthless without compassion. Compassion is the core to joy and peace: makes us more like human beings God created. “Thou shalt love thy God with all your heart, soul and mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” That is the greatest law of God. Selfless service to others, and compassion constitute true joy, and incomparable to any material attainment: riches, or opulence in life. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."

Rev. Uche Ikpa.

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