God Gives Hope When It Seems Hopeless

God Gives Hope When It Seems Hopeless

Listen to Ada reminding us: Only God can do what no man can do; gives us testimonies, and changes our situation.

We live in very uncertain times in the history of the world. There is so much turbulence across our nation and the world:

• Threat of Third World Nuclear war looming
• Gun control & the need for peace and love again
• Stem Immigration threats and refugee crises
• Healthcare for all

Join me in prayer for Jesus to restore peace and forgive our sins. At the core of all these turbulence is sin and disobedience to God’s will. Listen to Ada’s song that:

“Only God can do what no man can do, and give us testimonies again.”

God will forgive, heal and restore America and the world again. Let us not despair. God is still in control, no matter what.



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