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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Mark your calendar for the following 30th anniversary events at CCTV.

  • Posted on: 28 March 2018
  • By: sean

CCTV has a number of fun and fabulous events planned for our 30th Anniversary and we want you to join in on the celebration. Check out the schedule below!

30-Second Film Challenge, May 1-10
The 30-Second Film Challenge will take place from Tuesday, May 1st to Thursday, May 10th, with a screening of completed films on Friday, May 11th. Teams will work to produce 30-second films that include a random selection of themes, characters or constraints. Awards will be given in a number of categories. This challenge is free and open to anyone who wishes to enter. Teams may register by contacting or just coming to the Kickoff Event at 6PM on Tuesday, May 1st at CCTV.

30 Days of Free Membership, May 1- 30
The month of May brings 30-days of free membership for anyone who has not been a member of CCTV in the past year. Tell your friends to submit a membership application between May 1 and May 30 to take advantage of this great offer!

Human Library, May 5
CCTV and the Cambridge Public Library have gathered human “books” to be checked out by “readers” for 30-minute conversations. Readers will have the opportunity to talk to people in our community who have experienced discrimination or stigma in their lives. Books may be reserved beginning in mid-April.

Youth Media Screenings, 6pm on June 7 and August TBD
Enjoy projects created by CCTV teens.

Notable Programs from the Past 30 Years, June - December
Stay tuned to Channel 8 for a look back through the archives.

The Women of CCTV: A Video Retrospective from 1988-2018 August 12
For the past 30 years, CCTV has been a birthplace to many kinds of significant content. From local politics to international music to 21st century enlightenment to educational videos about slime - people have been coming to this space to exercise their creative freedom and produce content that help share their message to the world. This year, we will spotlight the stories that women have shared through our channels since 1988 with an 8-hour retrospective of videos that were created, directed, produced, influenced, or inspired by the women of CCTV.

Four Square + Ice Cream, September 20
Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. Four square exactly how you remember it from grade school - sweaty, gritty, tense. Four square is a rolling competition between four players on a square court, each working to eliminate the others.

Join the fray on September 20 with a team of your own - and crush enough competition to earn your place in the winner’s circle. There will be more than mere games, too. Expect music and prizes, and tournament winners will earn the “Right of First Ingestion” and taste Toscaninni’s new CCTV-themed ice cream flavor!

Enter your team of 4 friends, coworkers, or enemies by 5PM on the day of the tournament via Facebook. Winners will be determined through elimination rounds. Teams must be mixed 50/50 men and women. Four square rules are based on the international
standard published on

Rates and registration links to follow - stay tuned.

PARKing Day, September 21
CCTV will again participate in the international movement in which parking spots are transformed into parks and other public spaces. Stop by on September 21 to see CCTV’s 30th Anniversary-themed spot.

30 Years of CCTV - A Retrospective in the Karen Aqua Gallery November 7 - December 19

CCTV 30th Anniversary Birthday Bash
October 25 at One Kendall Square
Join your friends and neighbors at a quintesential CCTV party - back where it all began in 1988. Tickets available in July.