Posted by julie on Jul 23, 2010.

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SMI 2010 WEEK 3

In the third week of SMI program, a lot of exciting things happened. On the first day of the third week, Matt, one of the program coordinators, gave the students editing and effects workshop. The workshop helped the participants to produce a compelling short films. The next two days they worked on their project which included shooting, recording voice overs, capturing and editing. In the fourth day of the third week, we held a view and critique rough cut of their second project to help them improve and produce their short films better. From the view and critique rough cut, the students got the chance to help their friends and themselves produce candid and eloquent short films. At the end of the week, all the participant finished shooting and editing their second project.Wwe congratulate the participants for creating irresistible short films and we can wait to see the final productions.