Hasson Rashid's Response to Massachusetts Appeals Court Decisions!

Hasson Rashid's Response to Massachusetts Appeals Court Decisions!

Cambridge and MA, Allowing Leggat McCall Properties to Redevelop East Cambridge’s former Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse at 40 Thorndike St.

  • Posted on: 22 July 2017

Peace and Sanity Be Unto You,

The Massachusetts Appeals Court upheld a 2015 Land Court decision on Wednesday allowing developer Leggat McCall Properties to redevelop East Cambridge’s former Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse at 40 Thorndike St. into a mixed-use development: 20 stories of office with a side serving of 24 units of housing.

In concerning the sale of the former Edward Sullivan Court House to developer Leggat McCall Properties, I find the Commonwealth of Massachusetts guilty of questionable, and an illegal, sale of the property and facilities. The Commonwealth failed to honor and respect, legal mandates pertaining to its federal, state, and local mandates, etc., to provide state own properties for the ending and eradication, of homelessness. The Commonwealth circumvented its federal Moving to Work (MTW), “Annual and Five Year Consolidation Planning and Reporting,” mandates, specifying working towards service to the state’s homeless sector and mosaic. It also circumvented its “Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness” recommendations etc., in its hast to sell to Leggat McCall.

By the way, nearly every public health department( Homelessness is an Official Public Health Issue) in the nation including the Massachusetts Commonwealth, is on record stating that addressing, preventing, ending, and eradication homelessness is the government ( highest priorities). The Commonwealth went a step further in negating the legitimates rights of the homeless sector and mosaic, to have the Sullivan Court House converted in to poverty housing for the state most vulnerable citizens and residents, by ignoring and circumventing, federal “Title V Rights” in to rushing and negating the homeless to complete, the sale to Leggat and McCall.

A law suit should be brought against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for ignoring the first right of refusal, etc., that belongs to the homeless sector and mosaic, in the availability of the Sullivan Court House for poverty homeless housing. Leggat McCall after the Appeals Court decision has been handed down is only offering 24% of units for Affordable Housing, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be on trial for allowing this, when by right 100% of the Sullivan Court House should have been available for below market rate homeless poverty housing, etc.

For years now this type of white collar crime and war, against the homeless and poor, has been hindering the development of homeless housing in the Commonwealth. Yes crime and war against homeless housing. The first victim of any war is truth, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is guilty of hiding the truth from the homeless sector and mosaic, when it comes to their legitimate right to have housing developed for it at the Sullivan Court House, etc.,. The Commonwealth should be in court for its neglect and hidden, war against its homelessness sector and mosaic. Some of the proof is its questionable sale of $30 million dollars to Leggat McCall, without an invitation (Public hearing, etc.) extended out to homeless residents and citizens, etc., to comment and be heard.

None of this $30 million is going back into addressing, preventing, ending and eradication homelessness, this is criminal, and also represent silent war against the homeless and poor, segments of our community, perpetuated by Massachusetts current government powers that be. First consideration should be giving to the Homeless sector and mosaic for all surplus, underutilized, and unused, Commonwealth or State government own properties, to be converted into housing for the homeless, but unfortunately white collar criminals in the state government, are at work conducting a silent war hindering the homeless, and hoarding the land and facilities, away from poverty housing to be erected to address, prevent, eradicate, and end homelessness.

Yours In Peace and Sanity,
Mr. Hasson Rashid

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