CPA Funding for Postmodern Historical Preservation Standards to be Applied to Cambridge,MA Black American Historical Entities and Venues!

CPA Funding for Postmodern Historical Preservation Standards to be Applied to Cambridge,MA Black American Historical Entities and Venues!

Community Preservation Act (CPA) and the "Historic Preservation of Cambridge's Black American Entities."

  • Posted on: 18 July 2017

Peace and Sanity Be Unto You,

Dear Citizens and residents of Cambridge,
It is that time of the year again when the Community Preservation Act (CPA)Committee open up for projects funding proposals in three categories, "Affordable Housing, Historic Preservation, and Open Space." This year, and not like the years before, I'm submitting a project proposal in the Historic Preservation category. Hopefully, there are a good chances that my project funding proposal, which has to do with the "Historic Preservation of Cambridge's Black American Entities," will receive a fair amount of sucessfull consideration from the CPA Committee.

At no time in the past during the last two local city government administration, has anything been done about improving the upkeep of the historical sites,etc., along and among, what is know as the "Cambridge African American Trail." My project calls for CPA funding being appropriated to correct this predicament, by applying "Post Modern Historical Preservation Standards," as guidelines, in eliminating the deteriorating conditions of local "Back American Historical sites, markers, plaques, etc., and other relating needs for improvements, rehabilitation, repairs, maintenance, monitoring, and other needs pertaining to historical preservation of local Black American Historical entities."

My CPA Funding submission officially is worded as follows:

My project idea for " Postmodern Historical Preservation Standards,' to be applied and employed, in the restoration and upkeep, of Cambridge's Black American Historical sites,monuments, plagues, markers,etc., and any other venues or entities that pertain to these "Postmodern Tourist Attractions" of sensitive value to our local, statewide, national, and international Black Americans, community,etc. This project's proposal for CPA funding should provide for maintenance, repair, monitoring, and upkeep of these historical entities, and assurance that continuation of the project's Postmodern Historical Preservation Standards will be perpetuated.

As you all will find upon investigation, all of the local "Black American Historical" entities referred to in this project proposal funding idea, are in a state of Pre-Modern" disarray and obsoletes. CPA funding can reverse the ill effects of this predicament and tragedy, and insure that "Postmodern Historical Preservation Standards," are forever prevailing when it comes to Historically Preserving the local Black American Historical Entities, in the future, of the City of Cambridge, MA.

Yours In Peace and Sanity,
Mr. Hasson Rashid,