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Chubby guest's on Callalloo Express RelationshipsShow-6/21/17

Chubby guest's on Callalloo Express RelationshipsShow-6/21/17

Liz Andre author of the book"Chubby" shares the other side of this talented educator.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 2:00pm

Upcoming guest: on Wed June 21, 2017 :
Author of "CHUBBY", Liz Andre, A Boston Elementary School teacher and vocational dancer.

The book "Chubby" is a partial memoir/autobiography.
It is a first person narrative of a glimpse of the author's early life starting around pre-school in Baltimore, that chronicles the struggles of growing in a one- parent low income family,and her life's adventure and progress into her adult years in the inner city of Boston, where she eventually becomes the head of her own family of six children, and as a single parent.
The multi ethnicity and cultural heritage of her large and close-knit family of origin, provided remarkable support and cultural awareness during her childhood and adolescent years. These pillars of child rearing contributed to her development of effortless acceptance of all peoples, a passion for dancing and an affinity for party -giving. She also developed a strong work ethic, strong loyalty in friendships, intense love for children and unconditional love in her romantic relationships.
It is this unconditional love that is at the centre of this riveting memoir as Chubby introduces the reader to the emotional gaps in her early character development, that sends her on a wild and relentless quest for permanent belonging and significance, permanent sharing, respect and deep lasting love from an adult significant other.
We are able to witness this through her openness to continually explore many love escapades over a twenty year period as she deftly provides us with 'ring-side seating' serving up intimate details of many steamy episodes of her love trysts.
The book "Chubby" is definitely a 'page-turner' filled with intimate anecdotes,romantic vignettes, instructions and more from an experienced lover, as the independent and fun-loving- with-a-zest-for-life- Ms Andre uses simple, raw, engaging and sometimes irreverent language, to not only demonstrate her creativity, but her sincerity to love and be loved deeply and sincerely. At times the reader is encouraged to be introspective with "Chubby" in self examination in regard to how they would creatively and deftly choose, where she had made a blunder or mistake.
Despite the absence of early mentorship Ms Andre a natural born teacher, uses her insights, college certified teacher training, intuition, creativity and native emotional intelligence to navigate the difficult alleyways and classrooms of her life and encourages the reader to be constantly introspective,keenly aware and be reflective as well as innovative and forward-thinking in dealing with difficult people, decisions and situations.
Ms Andre also utilizes her own poetry which serves up some variety in presentation, while enticing the reader to endure in the exhaustive account of the journey of her life, which she has outlined in the 439 pages of "Chubby".
The reader will laugh, cry and be amazed by the anxiety producing twists and turns of the hectic, risky, courageously-social lifestyle of Chubby the shero.
The reader will admire her tenacity of will and ambition of academic purpose and more, even during the " before choices" and " after consequences" of her often repeated unwise and sometimes sporadic decisions in romantic affairs and episodes of life, many of which ended with startlingly amazing outcomes.
You will be heart-warmed in recognising that Chubby has a spiritual awareness and relationship with her God.

Chubby is raw,
Chubby is gritty,
Chubby is irreverent
Chubby is inspiring and educational
Chubby is recklessly honest
Chubby is witty
Chubby is from the heart
Chubby is PG rated reading entertainment.

Forfurther Information re "CHUBBY", Vol 1,Vol 2,Vol 3:
E.Andrews 857-247-5167

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