Bay State Forum with Barbara Anthony

Bay State Forum with Barbara Anthony

What Should Massachusetts be Doing in Healthcare?

  • Posted on: 22 May 2017
  • By: Susan

This episode of Bay State Forum focuses on what Massachusetts should do now about health care in the face of so much uncertainty. Obamacare was modeled after RomneyCare, which was adopted by Massachusetts in 2006 to move toward universal healthcare for all.

What happens if there is no longer a federal requirement that all people have to buy insurance? Or if people with pre-existing conditions can be charged more for their insurance or even denied coverage or priced out of the market for insurance. Very importantly, what happens if Massachusetts looses billions of dollars if there is a pullback in Medicaid dollars from the federal government? And last but not least, what can Massachusetts do to control its highest in the nation healthcare costs?

Barbara Anthony interviews two experts to try to answer these questions.

Jon Hurst is the long time President of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, known as RAM. RAM is a state-wide organization of 3200 retailers and restaurants. Jon has been a long time advocate for lowering healthcare costs and improving quality for the small business market.

Josh Archambault is a senior fellow in healthcare and a consultant at the Pioneer Institute, an independent public policy think tank located in Boston. Josh has worked at the Heritage Foundation, and has served in high level positions in the Massachusetts Legislative and Executive branches. Josh is a frequent advocate for market based solutions to our health care problems.