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Community Garden Opens in East Cambridge

Community Garden Opens in East Cambridge

I've done a few posts on this new piece of open space, but I thought I should cover the opening. Well I didn't really do it myself. I spent all day photographing Italian fashion accessories for a catalog. My shots were only the back up, but I made grocery money for the week. I gave the camera to my eleven year old and asked her to do her best. Its a little shaky, but not too bad for a first time out.

Assistant City Manager Rich Rossi Was the master of ceremonies. Tim Toomey and Joe Grassi took turns at the mic as well. Check out the closing credit scene for some unexpected frivolity between city employees.

The event was attended by a fair number of people from the neighborhood with lots of kids underfoot.

Some of us have already christened the compost bins and hope that all of the garden plots will be used next year. Stay tuned.