"Empty Nest" Syndrome for Buzz & Ruby as Lucky then Lucy Fly!!! (video updated 06/08/10)

"Empty Nest" Syndrome for Buzz & Ruby as Lucky then Lucy Fly!!! (video updated 06/08/10)

(Video updated 06/08/10 at 7:45 AM)

*** Note to fellow hawk watchers: Please use the comment area on this blog to update what the Alewife Red-tail family is doing. Please start with the date and time of your last spotting and your name; Thanks!

Lucky, the little runt who everyone was worried about, took to the sky before the eldest, Lucy. On June 6, 2010 at 12:50 PM, Lucky was leaping high and with a gust of wind to help him, flew over the short wall above the nest. He was doing fine until after the rain when he got in a bit of a pickle (video to follow on this blog entry).

But just in: "Lucy's in the Sky". Sometime before 5:30 AM on June 7, Lucy left the nest. No one was there to witness the event but at 5:40 AM, Jane arrived to find an empty nest. Lucy was spotted getting food from one of her parents. Details to follow.

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06/08/10 Updates from fellow Hawk-Watchers

Susan Moses at 10:30 AM

Hi Ernie-

Just thought I would report in with an update.

Last night we saw Larry in his pine tree in the corner of the Apt Associates parking lot. He seemed quite content and I have a feeling he might roost there at night. Ruby stopped by for a quick visit to see him and then flew off. Lucky was on top of the red brick building next to the Best Western, and then he flew over to a tree across the road in Fresh Pond. No sign of Lucy or Buzz last night.

However, this morning I did spot everyone except Larry. Ruby flew to the telephone poll right before the little guard station into the Apt Associates parking lot (where she ate yesterday morning). I didn't see her come in with food so I think Buzz must have left her something since she started to eat. She was eating away when I spotted 2 hawks on the CVS signpost. I ran over there to find Buzz and Lucy (at last)! Lucy was looking good. She sat awhile and then took off (a nice flight) and I found her one telephone pole away from Ruby (who was still eating). Lucy stayed awhile watching Ruby eat, and then took off into the trees behind Apt Associates. Ruby kept eating but had a constant eye focused in the direction in which Lucy flew. Then Ruby grabbed some of the remains of her breakfast and flew in the direction of Lucy (I assume to bring her food).

Then Buzz appeared on that same telephone pole and began to eat. I think they might store food in there. He then grabbed some remains and brought them to Lucky who was across the street on top of that red brick building. It looks like that might be Lucky's hangout.

It was a nice morning.

By the way, a security person from Apt Associates did come out and ask that we not go on their property. He did give me the name of someone to call to see about getting permission, so I'm going to follow up on that. In the meantime, It might be a good idea to tell people not to trespass on their property anymore since they have asked us not to.



06/08/10 10:00 AM from April

It is Tuesday morning and I just returned from Alewife Pkwy. At 8am I spotted a hawk on top of the red brick building next to the Hyatt but could not identify him. After about 20 min. he flew to the far side of the building and could not be seen from the street.

I spotted a hawk on the deck of the condos behind CVS. It hopped up onto the roof's edge and then flew to a telephone pole behind Trader Joes where there was already another hawk. The hawk that flew to the pole was Lucy and the one already there was Lucky. They sat for a time together, periodically crying. Lucky flew off over the roof of Trader Joes. Lucy stayed for awhile, then flew across the road and landed, rather wobbly on another telephone pole where she sat for over 20 min. crying.

I saw a hawk near the three brick towers soaring beautifully, probably Buzz or Ruby and they disappeared.

Lucy finally flew over the Trader Joes roof and after walking around the building and checking across the street, I could not see any of the hawks.

Have a good day!


Jun 8, 2010 05:59:34 AM, phawk254@comcast.net wrote:
Hi Hildy,

Cars vs dogs: a difficult choice. Both are threats to young hawks. Which is greater? Which is more real? Hard to say. I think Ruby and Buzz have selected quite a good area for their “nursery school.” I was really impressed by the aptness of the Abt property vicinity. My respect for that pair of adult hawks increases with each day. My natural inclination long term is to prefer the mixed and more natural habitat of Fresh Pond, with mixed woods and the open areas of the golf course. I think the kids will eventually spend much of their time before they separate from Ruby and Buzz hunting round the golf course. I just hope someone doesn’t find Lucky or Larry riding a golf cart around the course, looking for squirrels!



Paul M. Roberts
Medford, MA

On 6/7/10, Gabrielle Keller:
Lucky flew all over the place after a stressful (?) start napping under the framework of the nest building. Flew to the mall - on signs, roof, ground, a car (with a people in it - I promised to send her a picture) and finally on the building next to the rotary hotel - where he was berated by robins, orioles, starlings, and all kinds of irate birds. He cried the entire time and finally dad arrived like batman - scared away the birds and delivered a chipmunk. Lucky in his hurry to get to it almost fell off the roof (pictures not included) but made it to the food and munched away. I could have stayed but it was exhausting following that little guy around - got some really nice flight shots but here are here are some of the areas he covered - I left at about noon. All's well that end's well!! Gabrielle

At lunch break today (6/8/10), around 12:30-1pm, I walked around the parking lot of 185 Alewife, and Dunkin Donut etc., and also behind these buildings, but did not see any hawks. Then I went behind Trader Joes and saw John pointing with his camera at either Larry (I guess) on a pole. He soon flew over across the street to one of the tree-tops at Freshpond area right opposite the Shell gas station. A few minutes later, we suddenly saw both Larry and Lucy, sitting on the same branch! We also spotted Lucky across the street on the brown building next to Hotel Tria, near one of the cellphone antennas. It was nice to see all three young ones flying around in the same area. Looking forward to more sightings tomorrow.

Nimesh Patel
Cambridge, MA

Nice report. Thanks! (Ernie)

Nancy Given as of 5:45 PM

Hi April,
just send this to Susan...

I was there this morning as well - around 9am...
I saw Lucy on the roof of the condos right next to ABT... "someone" soaring high above her, and what i think to be Lucky lying (Larry-style) on the telephone right across from the guard house. After pacing around on the condo roof for a bit, Lucy flew over to the telephone poll and sat next to Lucky. Lucky eventually sat up and started crying/screaming.... and eventually flew away at which point Lucy started crying/screaming. (April and Herb were also there.) Already being late for work, i had to leave... but on my way out I heard and saw Lucky on top of the brick building (next to the hotel near whole foods) on the side facing Fresh Pond - this time screaming relentlessly.

there is a slight doubt in my mind that maybe the first bird i saw lying on the telephone poll was actually Larry - and Lucy just made him seem small... but the tiny head (and big lung-power) make me think it was Lucky - seems like they are doing very well at flight school.

Also stopped by on my way from work (about 5:45pm) - saw Lucy on the same telephone for a few minutes before she took off towards the parking lot behind ABT.

Oh please keep the updates coming!!!thankyou all!

June 8, after dark
Great videos Ernie!
It's heartening that some of our hawk watching group are still coming round to watch & gab. Right before sunset I stood under the tree where Lucky likes to roost & looked up at him. He appeared pretty comfy there,kind of rocked back & forth in the breeze like in a cradle. I thought hawks didn't fly around at night. But rumor has it that one of us who lives near the hotel saw him last night flying back & forth from tree to the red building roof.

Carol W.

People are doing a great job keeping up with all those scattered hawks!

I miss being there but I had one hour sleep from yesterday when I woke at 4:15 AM to start video editing until I left for work this AM at 6:15. I'm beat.

Wednesday, June 9, 5:30 to 6pm
telephone pole in front of condos/ABT (across the street from guard house)

Lucky was sitting on top of the pole, hunched over, crying.
A few minutes later, someone from his family flew by him headed towards Fresh Pond - Lucky started screaming after this - then he became interested in what seemed to be a tiny (dead) bird in the hollow on top of the pole.
While he was pulling at it, I could see a little head and beak rise up and down. He kept pulling and poking at it - finally getting rid of some fluffy feathers on it (at first he seemed to want to eat these - shaking his head sideways and in what looked like a swallowing motion). Soon he was simply pulling off little tufts of them. After about 15 minutes he got to the red stuff inside... then tried a leg. He kept pulling at that, unable to detach it, it would snap back down. He alternated between the red stuff and pulling at the leg. Finally got the leg off and it seemed he couldn't figure out what to do with it. He got most of it in his mouth - seconds later part of the leg reappeared only to be swallowed again. I didn't see it come back out... started to rain a little harder, Lucky flapped his wings and sidled off to the right on the pole. (and I left)

ps - Someone leaving ABT told me she sees the hawks often in their courtyard and parking lot.

6/9/10 around 7:30 PM

Only saw Larry this rainy evening, sitting tall, but quite still, on the telephone poll outside of the condos (the one between the two handicap parking signs--not the "feeding pole").


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