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Derek Walcott Nobel Laureate of the Caribbean dies at age 87

Derek Walcott Nobel Laureate of the Caribbean dies at age 87

Derek Walcott, Nobel laureate of the Caribbean served as mentor to budding actress Lynette Laveau Saxe in Trinidad

  • Posted on: 18 March 2017
  • By: lynette

Derek Walcott, Poet and Nobel Laureate of the Caribbean, Dies at 87
Condolences to the family, friends , colleagues and enormous worldwide retinue of renowned poet/playwright, Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott who transitioned on March 17, 2017 from his native home St Lucia , W.I.
He has left us a long shadow and legacy of brilliance in theatre, art and poetic literature, both in Trinidad his adopted home, as well as in St Lucia his native home, throughout the Caribbean region and the rest of the literary world across the globe, that will overshadow, inform, motivate and educate many generations to come.
I feel privileged to have known this literary giant both on and off stage.

Mr. Walcott’s intricately metaphorical poetry captured the physical beauty of the Caribbean, the harsh legacy of colonialism and the complexities of living and writing in two cultural worlds, bringing him a Nobel Prize in Literature.... William Grimes

“I come from a place that likes grandeur; it likes large gestures; it is not inhibited by flourish; it is a rhetorical society; it is a society of physical performance; it is a society of style,” he told The Paris Review in 1985. “I grew up in a place in which if you learned poetry, you shouted it out. Boys would scream it out and perform it and do it and flourish it. If you wanted to approximate that thunder or that power of speech, it couldn’t be done by a little modest voice in which you muttered something to someone else.”....Derek Walcott.

"Mr. Walcott studied directing with José Quintero in New York for a year and, on returning to the West Indies, founded a repertory company, the Little Carib Theater Workshop, which in the late 1960s became the Trinidad Theater Workshop. One of the group’s first productions was Mr. Walcott’s “Malcochon.”His best-known play was “Dream on Monkey Mountain,” which received an Off Broadway production in 1971."...William Grimes

As a budding actress I had the good fortune to first be trained by Derek Walcott at the University of the West Indies, Sainte Augustine where he taught Acting and Technical Theatre at the Extra Mural Department .I also studied Speech and Folk Music with Neville Munroe, but it was under the tutelage of Derek that my'watershed moment' fuelled and revealed for me, my passion for the theatre and the fact that my future was to be in Theatre.

He facilitated my dream by inviting me at the end of the course to join the Trinidad Theatre Workshop which was then in its early stages of development. This served as my foundation for building my future careers in theatre as actress (stage, film ,TV and Radio) and asTheatre Arts Teacher, Administrator and award winning Drama Coach and now transformational coach.
He recognised my talent and contemplated arranging for me to accept a scholarship for theatre training in Paris but the plans fell through as I was not then sufficiently fluent in French, despite my French name, and being raised in a creole speaking family.
The timing for me nevertheless was right, as I was privileged as a new member of Trinidad Theatre Workshop( estab.1959), to be part of a touring company as a an actress that toured the Caribbean and eventually to Toronto Canada, with Walcott's award winning drama "Dream on Monkey Mountain".This allowed me to learn stage craft as well as acting techniques for ensemble and solo performance, as well as supporting the technical side of a performance, performing cultural dance, makeup, costume, box office and more.
Mr Walcott's penchant then was to have his dramatic plots and narratives focus on lead males. The females usually had less significant roles similar to Greek theatre; they supported and rounded out the presentation.
Nevertheless when one is in the presence of genius one does not quibble about which hem of the garment one gets to touch, as long as one is in proximity of the genius is all that matters; because one has been afforded an extraordinary opportunity to be present and to learn while hearing and doing from a genius mind. So it was for me during that time of my development in the presence of a literary and theatrical genius and artist, who was interested in developing young talent like myself.
This chapter in my life provided me with an enormous repository of theatre skills ( classical and contemporary), and other tools and organisational practices which serve me even to this date.
Mr Walcott has served his time , his purpose and his divine calling and done it outstandingly and brilliantly. Having served as professor at both Harvard and Boston University where he founded The Playwright's theatre which still operates today. He had been in demand fulfilling speaking engagements and has impacted minds the world over until his health began failing a few years ago.
" Time and Tide wait for no man ...
I going home, I going home, I going home I going home
I going Home I going Home to my father's kingdom".....Dream on Monkey Mountain.

I express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the life of Derek Walcott.
May his soul rest in peace.

Lynette Laveau Saxe, Host Producer
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