If the Church of God will pray, the situation in America and the world will drastically change. God will bring peace back to us.

One of the greatest weapons God gave to the church of God is the power of prayer, but rarely used by the church. The church today is in a state of apostasy. You rarely can hear the booming voice of the church anymore. The church has succumbed to greed and love for money seen in the world of politics, corporate, and others. The Scripture warned the church with these words:

“The love for money is the root of all evil.”

As we watch the world in confusion, turmoil, and chaos ravaging it, the cause is the inability of the church to pray and evangelize: reminding the world of the riches of God’s grace in our great salvation or redemption, and also that they are consequences of sin where God will pass judgement over sin committed in this life; regardless of your status-rich or poor. The Scripture reminds us:

“It is appointed unto a man or a woman once to die and they will be judgement.”

1 All kinds of sin abound today: God will forgive sin if we repent:

• Lies

• Greed

• Lack of compassion

• Killing so rampant: wives, husbands killing each other, children killing parents, etc.

• Guns all over the place: some states no background check for guns anymore. You can just get a gun. Behind it is greed, regardless that these guns are killing thousands of Americans each year. No gun control in Congress.

*** No compassion for the poo: a nation that is the richest in the world will dismantle healthcare that helps the poor and the elderly. Millions will lose their healthcare. Parents with precondition children are weeping. Health care is suppose to be a right for all citizens.

• Child molestation-sexual abuse

• Ruthless foreign policy that has no compassion to other nations: the result is refugee crises never seen in the world before. Where Third World rich resourceful nations with natural resources are stripped of their natural resources and destroyed. Look at Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somali, Libya, Sudan, Congo, Ukraine, etc. Thousands have perished, millions fled their homes, and nobody cares. "They can die, but all we need is their natural resources." Yet these situations can’t happen in Western nations.

• Homosexuality and lesbianism spreading all over the world. As a believer in Jesus Christ, you can't say sin is sin or you will be destroyed.

• Hate all over the world, specially in our America culture.

2 What happens when the church prays?

Sin is spreading like plague. No accountability or discipline to anything anymore. The church can’t pray anymore: the church can’t evangelize anymore.

Paul reminded the church:

“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the power of God unto salvation, to everyone that believes, Jews first and the Gentiles.”

In salvation or redemption, Jesus brought to humanity the power to redeem humans from sin. When the church spreads it all over the world as Jesus commanded them, sin will be forgiven and blotted out through the power of the blood of Jesus. The sinner is set free, no matter what sin they committed. When the church prays, salvation will spread again all over the world.

• The church will be revived.

• The church will obey the will of God and go out to the world and evangelize the world: will tell them of a Savior who deeply cares and loves them. When you have God's love through redemption, you can love anybody-black or white. Only the power of God can change the human heart.

• The word of God will convict of sin when the world hears it. Jesus says:

“My word will not come back to me void.”

Let us look at history how prayer changed impossible situations:

• King Jehoshaphat

In the times of king Jehoshaphat: 2 Chronicles 20, enemies surrounded the kingdom of Judah. The king went to God in prayer as he assembled Judah and Jerusalem. He was afraid. But this godly king did not succumb to his fear, he took his fear to God. He said this to God:

“We have no might against this great company that cometh against us: neither know we what to do, but our eyes are upon thee.”

This was an impossible situation the king can’t handle. There was no way he could have defeared this great army that invaded Jerusalem. He wisely took his case to God who changes things through prayer. God told the king through a prophet Zechariah in their midst:

“The battle is not yours, but God’s."

God destroyed the enemy that unjustly invaded Judah. That was the power of prayer.

• Peter: Acts 12

When the church- the Christian faith was instituted, it was a turbulent time for the church. Severe persecution pounced on the institution of the church. The enemy the devil wanted to wipe the church out. King Herod ruling Rome at that time killed James, one of the apostles. He put Peter in prison to be executed the following day to please the people.

An angel of the Lord went into the prison and delivered Peter. The church was praying for Peter, and God moved in and brought Peter right at the door where the church was praying for him. God proved He is in control, not kings or political leaders, or corporate leaders. God teaches His church, when they pray, He performs miracles and changes impossible situations.

• Esther: Esther 4

This was another crises time in the History of the church. Judah had fallen because of sin. They were carried to Babylon and Persia will become the reigning kingdom at this time after Nebuchadnezzar. Ahasuerus, king of Persia was very powerful who conquered many nations like king Nebuchadnezzar. Esther becomes the queen because Vashti the queen will not expose herself to the king’s visitors. She is divorced. In God’s mysterious ways, Esther becomes the queen and took the place of Vashti.

Mordecai, Esther’s Uncle will not bow to Haman as Jews don’t worship humans. Haman, the man next to the king plots the elimination of the Jewish people because of anger Mordecai will not worship him. Jewishness was about to be annihilated when Esther went into 3 - day fast. God changed the impossible situation because of the prayer of Esther- the power of Prayer. God stopped the wicked hand of Haman against the destruction of the Jewish people.

• Hannah: 1 Samuel 1

Hannah was mocked, derided and made to feel inferior. She was barren and did not ave a child. In an age and time when if a woman did not have a child, she was regarded as a nonentity and an outcast. She cried and took her case to God in prayer. She did not put her trust in humans because they will fail you. The Scripture says: “There is no help in man.” Even her husband who deeply loved her could not help her.

But Hannah prevailed through the power of prayer as she completely relied on the Lord. God answered her prayer. The Scripture said:

“And the Lord remembered her.”

This means God is a living God. Hannah conceived and bore Samuel, the first prophet of Israel.

The power of prayer is enormous. if the church will pray, God will change the situation in the world. Some people think life is only about just to make money and become rich: live the way you like without accountability, responsibility and discipline. The Scripture says:

“Someday, it is appointed unto a man or a woman to die and they will be judgement.”

The choice for us is hell or heaven at the end of our existence on earth. Sometimes, death comes so quickly and untimely, and we may not have time to repent. When the church prays, the power of prayer changes the deceitfulness of the human heart as she evangelizes, causes it to repent and fill it with God's love to love each other. That will change our world, and bring peace back to us. Let the church rise and pray. Anyone who believes in the redemptive work of Jesus, and knows Him as Savior is part of the church. The church is not a building, but those saved by the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus. Church-rise and pray for the turbulence in America and the world. God will hear and forgive sin, heal and restore former things.

Rev. Uche Ikpa.

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