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ROAD* Reaching out about depression

ROAD* Reaching out about depression

  • Posted on: 13 September 2008
  • By: Rhonda

This is an ongoing group. You can join anytime during the workshop series.

We meet in Cambridge, MA. T Accessible.

Welcome to Reaching Out About Depression.
Feeling blue? Having a tough time? Do things seem hopeless?
We are here to help.

Reaching Out About Depression (ROAD) is a free, community-based program created by neighborhood women for neighborhood women. The program supports low-income women who are struggling with depression and its related issues. We have women from other cities that have joined our unique group and love it.

ROAD addresses not only the symptoms of poor women's depression, but also the socio-cultural conditions and inequalities that influence and exacerbate mental health difficulties.

What We Do:
ROAD offers many different types of services and activities to empower its members to effect change, raise awareness, and be community leaders. These include community events, workshops, and support resources.

ROAD offers leadership opportunities for women who join the network, so that they can become future change agents and peer supports for their fellow ROAD members.

As a promising support system for women with depression, ROAD also acts as a resource for the mental health provider community to help them better understand the complex needs of the women ROAD serves.

The Supportive Action Workshop Series (SAWS) brings an ever-expanding group of low-income women from Cambridge, Somerville and surrounding communities together to develop a mutual support network, alleviate symptoms of depression, and take action in their community.

This 13-session interactive workshop series on depression in the lives of low-income women was developed by the founding members of ROAD, who also facilitate the workshops for women in the community. Each two-hour, weekly session provides a safe, confidential setting to discuss topics including:

* Self Confidence
* Motherhood
* Healthy Relationships
* Self-care
* Financial Problems
* Healthy Communication
* And much more

All workshops include a meal and free childcare - crucial elements in creating accessibility for women who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Support Us:
Your Contribution Makes a Difference!
Help ROAD achieve its goals of community empowerment and development.

Please support our work to improve the lives of low-income women in Cambridge and to raise awareness about depression.

You can support us by becoming a volunteer or making a donation to our organization.

Visit our website at:
Contact Info
Our office is located at 125 Lowell St., The School of Nursing building
Somerville, MA